Have an eye for unique lighting? Submersible LED lights are something special. Whether to accent home decor or to add a bit of fun to your outdoor patio and pool, these waterproof lights will surprise you with their versatility. This post covers more on these lights, some great ways to use these them, and what you should expect to pay for them in stores.

Submersible LED Lights: Underwater Decor Fun

Multicolor Submersible LED LightsCreating light where there shouldn't be light is an extremely dramatic twist to home decor. It adds a level of surprise and unnatural beauty to your look. And there are few things better at creating these moments of unique design than submersible LED lights. They differ from things like floating candles as they are completely submersible in water. The LED light and battery housing are protected in a waterproof casing, so these lights can be used in any area of your home that uses water for decoration.

They operate by a very simple on/off switch and normally use replaceable batteries, so submersible LED lights are as portable as they are beautiful to behold. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, though a particular favorite of many are submersible LED tealights since they are small enough to use indoors in many ways.

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Submersible LED Light Uses

There are some obvious great uses for these lights and many that are maybe not as obvious. Here is a selection of uses that crosses each:

Place them in your pool during a patio party

Do you need a little spark to your outdoor decor before your upcoming big gathering? These lights are great at adding some flair to your pool area. You can even pair them up with some floating pool candles to add a multi-dimensional lighting treatment to your pool. This is an excellent way as well to bring some holiday lighting to your patio. 

Insert them in your glass vases to add some lighting drama to your flowers

Do you have some glass hurricane vases sitting around? Buy some flowers and place them, some water, and a submersible LED light into each. This will light your arrangements from below giving a distinctive glow to your room.

LED Battery Operated Remote Control Submersible LED LightsLight up your ice

Why not have the ice used for cooling beverages at a party stand out? Placing some of these LED lights at the bottom of your beverage container is sure to draw some attention from your guests. 

Use them as wedding reception decorations

At weddings, submersible LED lights shine, literally. They really add something special to the occasion. Perhaps use them in vases as mentioned above, or you can place them in any decorative water source at your wedding location, like a fountain or a small pool. You don't need to go with colors here, you can opt for a subtle white to accent the beauty of the big day.

Place them in your fish tanks

Why not give the aquatic world you've worked so hard on a bit of exotic lighting? You can, in fact, change these lights out depending on the color scheme you want to go for. Maybe a holiday red or green (or both!) for use as fun Christmas lighting? Don't worry, they won't hurt your fish!

Submersible LED Light Prices

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Perhaps the greatest surprise of all is the price of submersible LED lights. Most varieties are sold in sets of ten or more, and the cost per light ranges from thirty to fifty cents up to a dollar. The typical cost for a set of ten will range from four to ten dollars depending on the size and colors.

You can add a lot of life to your decor with the use of submersible LED lights. Use them indoors and out to spark your look. You and your guests will be very surprised by the beautiful atmosphere they can create.