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If you want to get more hits to your Blog making your blog 'search engine friendly' is an absolute must.This tip is for Blogger Blogs only but if you want to add a sitemap for your Wordpress or Typepad or other platform blog a search should come up with a tutorial for you.

Google Sitemaps basically show Google search bots you recent activity quicker and without the bells and whistles than can cause crawl errors (Dirty words to a blogger).
I'm always trying to provide better tips and improve the tutorials when possible and this post has a second sitemap.Why? The first sitemap the one most Bloggers submit, only contains your 26 most recent posts ! If you have more than 26 posts they are not indexed.You should still add both sitemaps, the more the better.

There is a number of ways to generate a site map for blogs and websites, here we will generate a site map and submit it to Google sitemaps in 5 minutes and this can be achieved by even the least experienced Blogger.

What Is A Site map ?

"Site maps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found. This is especially important if a site uses a dynamic access to content such as Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links.

They also act as a navigation aid by providing an overview of a site's content at a single glance.

Most search engines will only follow a finite number of links from a page, so if the number of links is very large, the site map may be required so that search engines and visitors can access all content on the site"
(source :Wikipedia)

We have 3 sections to complete this tip

  • Getting your sitemap address

  • Submitting your blog to Google webmaster tools

  • Submitting your Sitemap to Google webmaster tools

  • So lets see how its done :

    I have created the 2 sitemaps for you.

    Sitemap 1.

  • feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

  • Sitemap 2.

    I will just give you the default 'atom 500' address :

    • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

    Now you can Submit your site map to Google.

    Submitting your blog to Google webmaster tools

    Step 1.

    If you do not already have a webmaster tools account you can get one here :


    You can log in to webmaster tools with your Google account the same details you log into blogger with.

    Webmaster tools is a Great source of information to see exactly how Google sees your blog but that's another days work..

    Step 2.
    On the homepage if you have not already submitted your site to webmaster tools click 'Submit A Site' .

    You will have to verify that you own the blog this is straight forward follow the steps provided by Google.

    For mor help adding your site click here

    Once you are verified as the owner of the blog we can carry on.

    In your webmaster tools account click 'Site Configuration' in the sidebar then choose 'Sitemaps' from the drop down menu.

    Once on the sitemaps page choose ' Submit a sitemap' and enter the sitemaps i created for you above one at a time.

    Note : Just copy them as they are above you dont need to add anything to them.

    Once added Google will start to crawl them and you should notice an increase in Search traffic.

    If you need more help with your Google Sitemap or have any problems leave a comment below.