Increase Your Fan Base

Let's face it, if you're writing articles on Infobarrel you're hoping to make some extra money. Some members on Infobarrel are even making a good living with their writing. They're able to do that by using many tools like book marking sites, keywords, SEO and more. Another often-overlooked tool is the support of other writers through subscriptions.

Look through your collection of friends. If you see a lot of unfamiliar faces, it might be that you've made friends with people who ultimately were not serious about their involvement with Infobarrel. You don't recognize their avatar because they rarely comment on your articles and don't regularly produce new material of their own. Most Infobarrel writers have at least a few friends who meet this description. If you're on Infobarrel to collect avatars in your friend list, by all means, keep these contacts. If you're here to earn additional income it's time to connect with people who have goals more similar to yours, serious writers who will reciprocate by reading and subscribing to your Infobarrel page.

There are many ways to seek out serious writers. Start by going to the page of an ambitious writer friend whom you respect, someone who has subscribed to your page and reads the articles you write faithfully. On the right side of their page, take look at their list of fans. These are people who have subscribed to your friend's page.

Browse through the faces you see noting the number of articles written by each person and how many subscribers they themselves have. The number of articles published by any writer as well as their number of subscribers will of course, be determined by how long they have been writing on Infobarrel. So do take that into consideration. You can get a clear idea of a writer's habits by going to their profile page to see their start date and the last date they logged onto Infobarrel. If a member only logs on every few weeks, they are not likely to keep current with reading your work.

Click on the names of writers you found, ones who have written a healthy number of articles and have a good amount of subscribers to their own page. These people are serious about their work on Infobarrel. They connect with other writers and reciprocate without fail. Cultivate relationships with these writers. Start by reading, commenting, and SUBSCRIBING to their pages. Once they see your comments on a regular basis, they will likely do the same because they recognize how important your reads are.

While you may think that subscribing may result in a deluge of articles to read each day, keep in mind, not everyone will write articles everyday. And when one of your subscribers publishes several articles a day, you don't need to view them all. Just be sure to pick one to read and comment on which will demonstrate your continued support to that writer.

Fill your friend list with serious writers and you will no doubt see your subscriptions, your reads, and your earnings increase!