When I think of Success, the first thing that comes to mind is what it takes to make it happen for anyone who wants to accomplish what they are reaching for. It is not something that is given as a gift, although sometimes I realize that some people are born with a silver spoon, so to speak, but somewhere down the line, one of these days, they are going to have to work....Success takes a lot of hard work. The people who are born with the Vice President title are living off of what someone else worked hard for. If Dad or Uncle Jim owned the Company (since we are talking job success) and Junior is Vice President just out of College....somebody still did some work to have or make a Successful Company. What happens a lot of time in situations like this; Junior is not going to be happy because he didn't do anything to earn this title so therefore he is going to be seeking something to fill the void...Follow me? I am not saying it can not work out but somewhere there will have to be some contribution on Junior's part for him to feel fully successful.

We must have a vision. To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan....believe...act! Quotation by Alfred A. Montapert. Without a Vision, the people will perish and that is from the Bible. We cannot accomplish much without first having a vision of where we are headed. Success is a journey we must make and something that we earn from labor of the mind, the soul and the body. Success is something that takes dedication, planning, looking beyond today, faith, failure and confidence. It doesn't come without struggle, that is to the average Joe. To truly achieve success, it seems one must have a passion for what they are trying to accomplish. A passion to learn more, a passion to work harder, a passion or love for what they want. For instance if one wants to sing professionally...they will probably listen to music constantly. They must practice, practice and practice some more. They learn about how to care for their voice. They learn what not to do to strain their voice and they listen to other artist but they know they must use their own style, their own unique voice.

In the business world, if someone just want that needed promotion; they are at work on time, everytime. Their work performance is of high standards, they don't just do what their job title description calls for, they offer to help others. They give 100% + and do it because they love what they do. They do not have to be the center of attention as they are busy getting work done, anybodys. They do mix in the office gossip because that is for people who should have better things to do like work. They spend time learning what they don't have knowledge of and share their knowledge with others. It all comes together with a lot of hard work. Character that shines is an essential part of Success. It is the calm, cool and confident person who is able to lead other people because they not only know how to handle themselves but they know how to treat other people with respect and dignity.