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Internet dating is big business. Millions upon millions of people can now trace the start of their relationship to an email sent online and the prospect of meeting that perfect person is drawing more people into the online dating world. The amount of competition means that in order to get noticed, your dating profile needs to be good. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take if you want to rise to the top of the eligibility list.


A picture paints a thousand words.

Nobody is going to be interested in your internet dating profile if you don’t include a picture of yourself. First impressions count, so having a picture on your profile gets that impression out there. There are tricks to help you maximize the potential of your pics too. Make sure that you’re smiling in your main picture, don’t go for too many glossy photo shoot style pictures and the best tip of all, add a picture of yourself sleeping. A picture like that will show your cute side.

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Complete the look.

There’s nothing worse than looking at a profile that’s incomplete. How many times have you read “I’ll fill this in later.” in the description box? It’s an instant turn off for many people. How can you be serious about meeting the person of your dreams if can’t even be bothered to fill in a simple description. Make sure that all of the important fields are filled in; these are height, weight, profession, what you’re looking for, and descriptions. You can leave some data out, but the important bits are important for a reason.


Use humour.

There are so many people out there that claim that the most attractive thing about a member of the opposite sex is their sense of humour. Make your profile page humorous. There’s no need to copy and paste jokes into it, but adding a picture of you in a bath of beans, or adding a story about your most embarrassing moment will show that you can have a laugh. We all like to be amused, and who knows, that special person might just be looking for a comedian like you.

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Avoid sexual references.

If you’re writing for a mainstream dating profile then leave out any overt sexual references. We all like a bit of naughtiness, but there is a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed right away. If you come across as just wanting one thing, then you are only going to get an empty message box. The same advice applies to your pictures. Nobody wants to see your naked body or your lime green G-string. Keep your profile clean if you want dating success. Of course, if you’re not on a mainstream dating website, then your lime green G-string could be just what she’s looking for. Know your market; pick your battles.


Be polite.

There will be a lot of competition on just about every dating site that you come across. The chances are that you’ll see way more rejection emails than you’d like. Be polite and show humility. The surest way to keep your little black book empty is to get pissed off with the people that you’re trying to date. If you get a rejection email, then send a nice email back. Thank the person for their time. If you simply get ignored, take it on the chin and move on. That person might be sitting there one day thinking about how you showed good manners and graciousness in defeat and they might give you another look.

The dating game isn’t what it used to be. The internet has given us the ability to reach out and touch someone in ways that were never possible with the humble telephone. We can instantly connect with people from all walks of life, and while that make the dating game a lot easier, it also brings with it new rules on decorum, etiquette and politesse. If you want to make the most out of the online dating opportunities then you need to learn to play the game. Good luck and happy hunting.