6 areas to look at for success in your life

So often I hear people talking about being successful, and what it takes to become successful.  Then I wonder exactly what they are talking about.  Are they talking about having a ton of money?  Are they talking about possessions, private jets, million dollar homes, or a Ferrari?  While having all those things are great, each of us will have our own definition of success.  I try to look at success as defined in different areas of my life.  Learning, health, faith, relationships, wealth, and career.  While many may define success based on the last two that I mentioned, none of these are more important than the next in my opinion.  

1 ) Learning - What are those things that you are still learning?  College ended and you don't have to take anymore tests, so are you still reading at all?  What is one thing that you've always wanted to learn how to do and haven't made the time or effort into figuring it out?  The easiest way for me to learn is by reading, and the easiest way for me to get ideas for writing is by reading.  I always know if I haven't been reading enough because I usually am twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out what to write about next.  Keep learning and growing as a person.

2) Health - Richard Branson of Virgin was asked how he was able to start over 400 companies in his career thus far.  He had one simple answer.. "I work out regularly."  Staying in shape and sweating regularly is proven to help brain activity, as well as keep you looking and feeling your best.  I am by no means a workout guru or fiend, but I set goals for myself and make sure I am exercising at least 4 times per week.  

3) Faith - Belief in yourself, in others, and in God is important for us to become successful.  If you don't believe that you can achieve what you know you must do, then you'll stay in the comfortable misery of never trying.  Have some faith that you can, and will carry out goals that you set for yourself in these different areas of your life.

4) Relationships - With friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend.  Having positive relationships here is another part of being successful.  Behind anyone who is truly successful, they have a strong support system.  They may not have always had it, but they have worked to improve their situation.  I've heard that you are the average of the 5 people that you hang around the most.  To become more successful, hang out with people that are already having success in areas where you want to see success.

5) Wealth - Yes, having success financially is important too.  If you are over your head in debt and have no idea how to get out of debt, that is not a good situation to be in.  I've looked at my bank account statement when it had $12 in it, and knew that something must change for me to become more successful.  There isn't a magic number that you need to make, it's defined by you and your unique situation.  Set some goals for yourself financially if you are struggling.  And remember that this is only one small part of your life.

6)  Career - What you do for a living is an important part too.  I think many of us get caught up thinking that we must hate our work to make a good living.  In fact, I've found just the opposite is true.  When you do something that you love that is combining your passions, skills, and interests, it becomes a lot easier to make more money doing what you love!  

All of these encompass what it means to be successful in your life.  It's one thing to know them, it's another to put them into meaningful action.  To me, success is defined as exploration + life experiences + action!  

Exploration is the time when you are curious and finding new ways to see success.  After I graduated college I tried a number of jobs in different fields to explore what I would like and not like.  This was frustrating at times, but it gave me a great sense of who I am, what motivated me, and what work environment I am best in.  

This allowed me to have a number of life experiences learn from.  I didn't have just one experience to reflect on, I had a number from different cities, cubicles, golf courses, recreation facilities, that really let me understand how I work best.

Looking at what I liked and didn't like from each job, I was able to take some action and move into work that really gave me energy and purpose! If I hadn't done a number of different jobs after college, I probably wouldn't have known what I liked and didn't like about work.

This is how I define success.  If you are wanting to become more successful, define what it means to you.  Explore some options, create new life experiences, and take action in different areas of your life!