The majority of people want to be successful.  No one wants to actively fail at anything, but unfortunately that’s exactly what happens to most people who have lofty dreams and ambitions to move up in the world.  How do you go about creating success in your life?  This quick article explores some of the most basic success principals so you can get on your way to a happier and more successful life.

One of the first things you have to do to be successful is to begin a self-improvement program.  As the title of this article suggests, success and self-improvement go hand in hand because you can’t become successful without purposefully ‘re-inventing’ yourself.  The idea is pretty simple; you have to do something different if you want to achieve something different.

If you have been experiencing the same things over and over in your life it is time to change your thoughts.  Our thoughts are what create our reality so if we change the way we think we will change what we experience, or what we see manifesting in our lives on a daily basis. 

Begin a Self-Improvement Program of Daily Affirmations

A good self-improvement program you can begin is to create a short affirmation of what it is you want to accomplish.  Repeat the affirmation over and over for ten minutes non-stop every morning and before you know it, you’ll have what you want.  Affirmations are very powerful.  I have performed magic with them so I know the power that our thoughts have. 

To give you an example of the power of affirmations I’m going to tell you how I was able to get a job when I landed in a new city.  I had recently moved to Denver, Colorado, and I needed to find a job.  I didn’t know anyone in Denver and I was quickly running out of money after only two weeks of living in the new city.

To solve my problem, I created an affirmation that said, “I am now working and earning $15 dollars an hour.”  I said the affirmation over and over every morning as soon as I woke up and every night right before I went to sleep.  And every day I’d hit the bricks to look for work.  I worked as a high-level executive assistant in the past and I wanted to get back into that field.

The problem I was facing was that I wanted to work through a temp agency but they paid on average only $10 an hour.  I wanted to earn at least $15 an hour which is why I created the affirmation the way I did.  After doing the affirmation every day for about two weeks, I was offered a position as an administrative assistant earning $15 an hour.  My affirmation worked!

Make your affirmation as specific as possible so that you can get what you want a lot faster.  The universe is very particular about you being specific on what it is you want or it cannot help you.  Imagine getting into a taxi and telling the driver to begin driving.  He’s going to ask you where you want to go because he can’t get you there if he doesn’t know where it is you want to go or what it is you want.

To Get What You Want You Can Begin a Visualization Self-Help Program

You can also begin a visualization self-help program.  This one functions the same as affirmations, but instead of saying what you want over and over, you’ll be visualizing it in your mind.  You have to do your visualization for ten minutes straight every day for it to be effective. 

There you have it!  If you want to succeed, create an affirmation or a visualization of what it is you want and you’ll eventually get it.  The trick is to perform the exercise until what you want manifests in your life.  It may happen fast or it may take a few months, just hang in there and you’ll get what you want out of life.