My Keys to Success in Life and everything else

Everyone has a list of secrets for success.  Everyone is an expert it seems.  Do a google search and you will find well over 100 million results.  What do you consider to be success?  To live another day is success, I guess, but that is a little boring.  For me, I try to keep it simple with a few key principles I can apply to anything I do.  I also do not consider being filthy rich a success either.

The best success secrets are not secret, they're just hard for most people to commit to.  The list I read daily is the following, you can copy it, use it, modify it, whatever.

Secret 1: Live Your Life On Purpose.

If you are just getting through the day or week, only to do it all over again, you're not really living for anything.  Determine your purpose and live your life for purpose.  Believe you are put on this earth for a reason and follow it.  The most successful and influential people in this world all truly believe they are meant for the work they do on a daily basis.  How often do you see interviews with top actors or singers and they all say "I knew this is what I wanted to be and I worked hard to get to this place in my life".  They believe they are doing what they are meant to do and end up being successful.

Secret 2: Take 100% Responsibility.

This is not a difficult thing to understand, it is difficult to do for most people.  In today's society people blame everything for their own failures.  It's my parents fault, it's the government's fault, it's my employers fault, it's the weathers fault.  You must understand that you have complete control of your life and blaming outside influences only re-enforces the "victim" thinking.  Negative thoughts bring about negative outcomes for yourself whether you realize it or not.  Own up to yourself and do something about it, you are the only one who can.

Secret 3: Become and Expert.

This applies to any job, duty, goal or thing you do.  From being a father, mother, welder, business man, or seamstress.  It really does not matter what you do in life, what matters is you be the best at it.  If you want to have success in your field, then do what the experts do and become one yourself.  Take the time to understand, learn and be the person people go to.  Success will follow, I assure you.  This is probably the biggest one for me as the most outstanding feature all successful people have is how seriously they take their profession and do anything to improve.

Secret 4: Focus.

You can't be an expert or successful without focus.  The competition for your time is incredible and for most people, there is not enough time in the day.  If you have a continuous influx of requests, emails, text messages, phone calls and anything else competing for you time, then you need to change it.  Focus requires that you concentrate on something in the present in order to attain your goals and dreams in the future.  You must be willing to give up something else to make the time to focus on yourself.

Secret 5: Willing to Pay the Price.

Wanting the big house, fancy car, lots of money and time to spend it is all great, everyone wants these things.  The question is what are you willing to do for them?  Focus, sacrifice and responsibility to yourself has a price and that price is often work you have to do.  This is a major difference between the average person and the successful one.

Secret 6: A Plan.

Write it out.  This is simple, all you have to do is write out your success plan, goals and dreams.  Unless they are on paper, they do not exist.  Writing out an action plan or map on how or what you are going to do to reach your goals gives you something to work with.  A wish becomes an attainable goal when you write it down.

Secret 7: Never Give Up!

When you have focus, commitment and a plan, you stick to it.  Never give up on your goals.  The power of perseverance towards an achievable ( written down ) goal becomes a force on its own that you can use.  An amazing things happens and when you realize that your own perseverance is motivating yourself, you can only succeed in life.

Secret 8: Think.

The power of positive thinking may sound lame, but it's not.  I am not telling you to become a positive motivational speaker ( unless that is your goal ), I am simply telling you to be aware of your thoughts.  Thinking you can do something is more powerful than thinking you can't.  If you question your own abilities all the time, you are bound for failure.  What separates the most successful people is that they think and believe they can or are the best at what they do.  You don't even need to know how, you just have to think you are capable of it and you will get there.

Last:  Start now.

There is no delay here, this is a time when you start thinking about yourself.  You have no idea how much time you have left on this earth, so start today, start now.  Get-R-Done.  Go after what you want with passion and energy. All the effort and time you put into it now will pay off 10 fold.

A simple message you can remember is this.  " If someone followed you around with a camera all day and filmed your activity, would you be proud of it ? "  or, are you embarrassed by your actions?