We can attain success with Manuka Honey which is very popular nowadays primarily because of the medicinal and health benefits which people derive whenever they take it.  With the present situation of the world today, the worsening pollution, destruction of the environment, and the thinning of the ozone layer, people from all over the world are easily contracting illnesses left and right, and doctors are baffled and up to their heads in prescribing treatments for it.  While there are still some who turn to drug medications in having their illnesses treated, a lot of physicians would prefer their patients to make use of naturalistic way of healing.  By being familiar with the advantages we can get from Manuka Honey, it will hopefully pose as the solution to many health problems which plague the world today.


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Healing our illnesses can be done naturally, and we can attain this success with Manuka Honey.  We may have heard of lot of illnesses sprouting all over the world, or how long it would even take the more common sicknesses.  Drug medications right now are being slowly discouraged because of the side effects which it may bring and thereafter cause harm to the ill individual.  Thus, the best way to deal with these ailments is to try the natural drug and chemical-free approach: honey.

What is Manuka Honey?

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Even before, people have been aware of the medicinal properties which honey can bring to our bodies.  In fact, doctors strongly recommend using honey instead of sugar.  Unfortunately, companies try to present artificial sweeteners and other medical drugs which they claim possess faster healing and treatment qualities.  It was because of this that honey was soon forgotten and was forced to stay in the sidelines, that is, until today when people saw for themselves that they were getting nowhere with the drugs they were taking.

Manuka Honey is made up of 70% manuka pollen.  Bees come to pollinate the flowers of the manuka bush, a plant which grows in New Zealand.  Claims have been made that this special type of honey has special antibacterial qualities which help fight off ailments and sicknesses.  As compared to other honeys, research studies were conducted showing that this is apparently more effective in getting the job done.

How can it help us?


History tells us that honey was used by ancestors to treat common illnesses which turned out to be effective.  Now, as the world faces all sorts of ailments which appear to grow complex as the years passed by, Manuka Honey is one sure fire natural way of dealing with these illnesses which have left our modern doctors struggling in finding out ways to treat our ailments.

Scientists have tried testing the effects of Manuka Honey on different types of bacteria and fungi and were surprised to see how effective it is and how fast it deals with it.  This led them to conclude that this special honey possesses some sort of anti-bacterial agent which can deal with all sorts of microorganisms.  Hence, they christened it as having the “unique manuka factor.” 

Are all honeys the same?

While it may be true that honey has certain medicinal properties, it is not correct to say that all of them work and are effective in the same manner.  Surely, people will just say that they will take any kind of honey and think that they are just identical.  This is not true.  This is also the reason why manuka honey has been neglected over the years because of this clear misconception, since not all honeys possess the same qualities and composition, when it comes to its medicinal effectiveness and efficiency.

What makes manuka honey work?


They say that all honey contain hydrogen peroxide coming from an enzyme which bees combine on the flowers they pollinate.  However, manuka honey is, as mentioned earlier, quite unique that scientists have said that it has the “unique manuka factor.”  More importantly, research shows us that this type of honey has methylglyoxal, a compound which is somewhat connected with the metabolistic process. 

Another unique attribute of manuka honey is that it does not have any peroxide, in stark contradiction to other honeys where it is presumed that they contain hydrogen peroxide.  The absence of this peroxide is surprisingly what makes it very effective against all sorts of bacteria as it is at the peak of its power when it comes to battling these infectious diseases.  It can penetrate our body tissues much deeper and reach the root of our ailments, thereby making it more effective in flushing out those illnesses. 

The new natural way of dealing with sicknesses

The special qualities which the manuka honey has is what prompted scientists to do more research on it as they believe that it can be used to help fight the battle against cancer.  As we are all aware of, there has been no proven cure for cancer, and as deadly as it may sound, it can strike everyone anytime and anywhere.  However, once we have tapped the power of manuka honey, people need not be afraid anymore of cancer ailments or any other serious diseases because we have a new weapon on hand which will help us win the battle this time around.

There will be no more need to depend on drug medicines to help treat our ailments, and no more worries on the possible side effects and harms which these drugs have.  We can now feel safe with a more natural and effective approach against our ailments.  The best news is that it is absolutely safe apart from the fact that it is totally effective and efficient in getting the job done.


In the ongoing and never ending battle against illnesses and ailments, we can always achieve success with manuka honey.  It is 100% safe as it is all-natural and proven to be far more effective as compared to other honeys and medicinal drugs.  Why should we then stick with modern expensive treatments of medicinal drugs when our bodies can be safer with a naturalistic approach to it?  If we are sick and tired of losing to our ailments, then it is certainly about time that we experience some measure of success with manuka honey.