Nerium International is a relatively new player in the world of relationship marketing. It offers an effective and exclusive anti-aging treatment called Nerium AD as well as an attractive business opportunity. If you have a positive attitude and share Nerium AD with sincerity, consistency, and persistence, you will likely soar in this part-time business. Despite my positive experiences thus far, this article explores some of the obstacles I've faced along the way and what I recommend after having experienced these obstacles.

Disclaimer: I am a Nerium International brand partner. This article is based on my personal experiences and observations. It does not necessarily reflect the views of other Nerium International Brand Partners or Nerium International. This article is written for newer team members or those considering joining Nerium International or some other MLM company.

Possible Bumps in the Road

As with anything worthwhile, you will have to put forth effort. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, look elsewhere. The challenges I've faced have mostly been in the form of me making excuses.

Here are three common excuses I've made myself or have heard others make. I also suggest workaround solutions to get you past the barriers I've faced.

1. I'm too busy.
For most of us, our plates are full. With work and family it is easy for life to get in the way of new opportunities. I've learned that my success as a Nerium International Brand Partner is a direct reflection on the effort I put into it. Also, because Nerium International provides a wealth of resources and training materials, your entry into learning about the business and getting started can sometimes feel like drinking water from a fire hose. How can you fit one more thing in your already busy schedule?

What has worked for me: Be patient. Take things step-by-step. Regularly host or attend gatherings (called "Real Results Parties" or blitzes in Nerium parlance) with friends and Nerium International team members. I find it energizing to hear from other about how Nerium AD is helping people's skin (e.g., "no more acne!") or their finances (e.g., "I was able to buy beds for my children").

Next, be consistent. Carve out time to share and to learn a little each day. As mentioned, Nerium International provides a wealth of resources at your fingertips. You choose how fast you want to grow your business. A mindset shift in knowing that you are helping others live just a bit more comfortably (financially or healthfully) can help you make your new part-time business a priority.

2. I don't want to put myself out there.
Fear comes in many forms. You might fear rejection. You might fear a lack of privacy. Nerium International provides you with a personal website that lists your contact information. Your Nerium International business is driven by your sharing the product with others, so the more you share the product, the more financial results you'll see.

What has worked for me: Start sharing with people you know, like, and trust, and vice versa. As you feel comfortable about sharing that you work with a skin care company called Nerium International, expand your sharing to those outside of your immediate circle. Your website will include the standard contact info such as your name, phone number, and email address. Although you want to leave some sort of way that people can reach you (perhaps your name and email), you can ask Nerium International Customer Support to omit the rest for privacy.

3. I'm not sure I can do this.
Doubt and discouragement can thwart our best efforts. When sharing Nerium AD with others, you'll sometimes encounter someone who is negative from the start. Some will opt not to use Nerium AD after giving it a try. You might not see an immediate return on your efforts, especially in the beginning. Essentially you receive a crash course in resistance and rejection despite your passion for Nerium AD and for the opportunity it provides.

What has worked for me: Stay the course; trust the system. Ask for support from others in your team, or even outside your team. Filter out prospects who are not interested and focus on the ones who are. Give those who are curious one of the many informational resources provided by Nerium International (e.g., DVD, brochure). Put them in touch with your team members who know more about the business or product. It often helps to get those who are interested to a Real Results Party so that they can feel the positive culture of the company and have their questions answered.

Understand that some will opt not to use Nerium AD, and that's totally fine. A Nerium International training CD says to "discipline your disappointment." For me this means continuing to be gracious and helpful, not taking things personally, and moving on. Be grateful that your friend or family member took the time to consider it or to give it a try.

Who knows? By sharing, you've planted "seeds," and interest in Nerium AD may sprout in the future.

Other Notes

While I encourage people to join Nerium International because the opportunity is potentially lucrative, I suggest a different approach for those who are struggling financially or whose spouse/partner might not be fully on board with the idea.

In these cases, my suggestion is for these people to start slowly. Try Nerium AD first and become preferred customer. Next, share the product with others. When you find 3 others who become preferred customers, your product will be free (you just pay $10 or so for shipping). As of this writing, this is called the 3 UR Free program. Certainly, the 3 UR Free program is good for everyone working with Nerium International, but it's a particularly nice stepping stone for those with financial or support limitations.

Positive Attitude and Follow-Through

The most important thing is to remain positive. Surround yourself with happy people who have your back. Be consistent with sharing and following up with those with whom you share. Because Nerium AD is a versatile "one-stop-shop" type of product that works so well, you don't have to engage in hard-sell sales tactics. But, you do need good follow-through to get Nerium AD into people's hands, to be sure they are using it and using it correctly, and to see whether they will consider becoming a preferred customer or Nerium International brand partner.  


I am a newbie to MLM and direct marketing, and joining Nerium International has been a simple way to make money part-time. For me, the keys to overcoming the obstacles discussed above have been to 1) find a supportive upline sponsor who was willing to mentor and help me out, 2) follow the system laid out by Nerium International, and 3) "show up" and stay positive.

Yes, success in this business takes effort like any job, and you decide how fast your business grows. The beauty -- pun intended because you'll likely end up with glowing skin if you use Nerium AD -- is that you are leveraging the collective effort of all on your team, and that's a lot of fun.

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