Son With Tactile Sensitivity

Our son had an extreme tactile sensitivity to socks and underwear when he was 8 years old. Every morning before school he woke up like any other kid, walk over to his dresser drawer and begin to pick one pair of socks and underwear at a time, discarding each one. He kept saying that each pair felt funny. We spent a lot of frustrating time with him, trying one pair after another. We bought new underwear and socks, but the same thing happened each morning. We tried all reasonings, explanations, different materials and even commando. But our efforts were not working. Sometimes, it seemed that getting angry helped from time to time, but it wasn't something that was going to last. We soon realized that it was out of our control, that he we would need to seek guidance. We sought help from medical doctors, but they suggested a psychologist. When our son visited a psychologist, he began to define what the problem was. He gave the sensation a name, 'the meanies', almost like the 'boogie man' or the 'monsters' in the closet. But giving the problem a name did little to resolve the morning ritual of discarding each pair of underwear, one after another. The psychologist suggested medication, but we don't like medication for convenience, so she suggested seeking help from a homeopath. What's a homeopath? At least that's what we were thinking. After some research, we were very skeptical, but felt that this approach could work, why not try it.

Welcome Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system in which treatment of the person is done with highly diluted substances, with the goal of triggering the body's natural immune system. Based on the persons symptoms, the homeopath will match the medicine to their need. 

My wife did some research, and through a friend found a very nice woman who came to our house from nearly an hour away. She spent a lot of time (about 2 hours) talking to all of us, filling out forms and bonding with our son. She explained what she did with us, and how things would work. She said that he would take some very tiny millimeter round pellets, that contained a tiny amount of medicine, that it would trigger or 'right' his immune system to resolve the 'meanies'. The visit was very positive, the homeopath was very confident that she could address our sons problem and he would be cured. I was very skeptical, but intrigued and hopeful.

Over the next few days, our son asked when the medicine would arrive, because he wanted to be 'normal' again. He said he wanted the 'meanies' to go away, and felt that the new medicine would work. Maybe this was a placebo that was already taking root, but we didn't care as long as it worked. We were all suffering from this problem.

Homeopathic Medicine - Round 1

The first medicine arrived with instructions and a phone call, excitement filled the air, we hoped this would work over night, and tomorrow morning there would be 'NO' battle over getting dressed. The medicine consisted of these tiny white millimeter in diameter pellets that he put on his tongue until they dissolved. We gave him 18 tiny dots, as he went to bed. We watched them dissolve slowly on his tongue. He smiled before he went to sleep hoping this nightmare would be over. We all hoped and prayed that this would help him.

The next morning arrived and the medicine, did nothing to change his feelings about the 'meanies'. We suspected it would take more than a day, so we stuck with it for 3 or 4 days. But no changes occurred and we all became frustrated wishing that it would work. We consulted with the Homeopath, and she said that she would make some changes then send out a new 'concoction' after seeking more information or side effects that could help her create her next medicine. 

Homeopathic Medicine - Round 2

I wish I could remember what the name of the first two medicines were, but we didn't keep that information. The second 'concoction' arrived, and we began the same process over. We gave our son 18 pellets that melted on his tongue as he went to bed. We explained that the first medicine did not work, but that we needed to zero in on his particular bodies need. Again we tried this medicine for about 3 or 4 days and it had exactly the same effect as the first, little or no change as far as we could tell. Again we provided answers to more questions, and again she sent us a new 'batch' of medicine, assuring us like she did the first two times that this would be successful.

Homeopathic Medicine - Round 3 - Kali Carbonicum

The name of this medicine was 'Kali Carbonicum'. We had it tested by more than one Doctor who said there was nothing in it that mattered. That there was no, useful content, that the ingredients were inconsequential. Our son took the 18 tiny white dots at night before bed, and the next morning he came downstairs ready for school. My wife and I were in disbelief, but we didn't want to react in any particular way, so my wife made him breakfast and he got on the bus and went to school. He didn't even mention the underwear or 'the meanies'. What a feeling that was, for our son to get up and go to school. This was a miracle in our eyes, we were so happy. Our son proceeded to repeat this day after day, and at the 2 week mark we gave him another 18 pellets. I remember him commenting on how the 'meanies' weren't bothering him anymore and the medicine was working.

Could this have been a placebo? Sure it could, but curiously, after about 2 weeks, we'd start to notice some peculiar effects in our son, he became more irritable, he became more sensitive and more anxious. We'd look at the calendar and sure enough the 'placebo' was due for another visit, and again he would be fine. We repeated this for about a year and half, and then the issue was over.