Have fun at Chopped at home

Cooking is romance

We have all heard the clichés; the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Oysters, Honey (insert any exotic food here) are aphrodisiacs. But in all seriousness, holding a modified "Chopped" competition at home can be a fun, relaxed and potentially very beneficial stay at home date. 

Invite your date over for dinner (if this part is too difficult, then the remainder of the article may not be for you) and suggest that they bring either ingredients for an appetizer, entrée, or dessert. Then decided with your date how much cheating will be allowed (obviously nothing store bought, but can it be slightly processed, or must everything be in its raw form) 

Prepare your kitchen before your date arrives, take out some pots/pans, pour some wine, put on music you both enjoy and light a few candles. I know, this stuff can seem cheesy, but they are easy ways to relax and make your home feel inviting. 

Start out over a glass of wine/beer and discuss the rules. 

1. One person cooks the appetizer

2. One person cooks the entrée

3. You both cook the dessert 

Now the catch: you use the opposite ingredients to what you brought. For example, if you bought the appetizer ingredients and your date bought entrée, that means you are cooking the entrée. 

The beauty here is that there really is no competition. This should be fun and will force the person who bought the ingredients to help the other cook them. If all goes well, you'll be close together, in a warm kitchen, sharing recipes and stories while a delicious meal cooks. By the time dessert roles around you'll have had a full, delicious meal, learned about how your date thinks and works and can evaluate if you two are compatible together at home. 

Of course, you may also find yourself Chopped. Arguments in the kitchen can be sticky (pun intended) so try your best to avoid nit picking. And obviously, even if the food is terrible, the date is about getting to know the other person, not eating. 

On the other hand, the original date idea may melt away right after the appetizer, because the two of you are having so much fun. So pour more wine and snuggle up to cook some love. 

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