In order to succeed in learning a foreign language, you will have to work on building the right mindset that will set you up for success. Many people simply do not know how powerful their mindset is in determining whether or not they achieve what they want to achieve. This article will outline 3 success traits that you want to develop to be able to speak, read, write, and understand a foreign language.

  • Being determined: Successful people are simply more determined than those who don't reach their full potential. This is a trait that is seen in every person that is successful in their given field. Why is that they are so determined? Simple, it's because they have a vision for their goal, and it's not enough to just talk about reaching it, it's not enough to just think about reaching it. They realize that their goal is only met when they are doing what they initially set out to do.


  • They remain relaxed even while facing adversity: If you are like a lot of people learning a foreign language then you've most likely dealt with a lot of problems. The way that you deal with this adversity will shape that speed at which you learn and your overall association with the process. Have you ever heard of or even been around people who can speak 2, 3, 4, or maybe even 7 or more languages fairly comfortably? It's not that they don't come across words that aren't hard for them to pronounce, or that when they're in a conversation with a native speaker and that speaker is talking so fast that they get confused and can't understand, or even completely forget how to say something. What they know is that it's a process and that it's perfectly natural to make mistakes in a language that you are learning and that is not your own native language, so they relax and fix what they can in the moment. If you are able to stay relaxed when confronted with adversity, you will put yourself in a place to become more successful.


  • They act in Spite of fear of failure: A HUGE factor as to why some people don't continue in their language learning is fear. They fear of pronouncing words wrong, not understanding, not being understood, etc... If you're in constant fear then you are not focusing on reaching your goals, you are focusing on the fear. Since things such as mispronouncing words and not being understood are inevitable (especially if you are first starting out), then why are there some people who still reach high levels of fluency in a foreign language? It's because their reason for why they want to learn is greater than their fears of making mistakes. They are willing to go through any and every obstacle to accomplish what they set out to do. Remember why you are learning and you will be able to see success more clearly.

These are just some of the traits that successful language learners have but you can certainly have them too. Just as long as you are patient and you try to incorporate these traits, you will be able to succeed in any aspect of your language learning journey.