The internet is full of weird and wonderful things, but at the same time it is a great place to plant an Internet marketing seed, so to speak, that can then spread like wildfire in ways that typical marketing strategies can’t.

This is where viral campaigns come in. A viral campaign, as the name suggests, takes the form of something out of a zombie horror film; before you know what is happening it has spread across the entire country, and then the world, with millions of people ‘infected’ by it.

Unlike a horror flick however, this viral spread is great for Internet marketing purposes – who needs to invest millions in marketing strategies when one unique, bizarre, or downright crazy video can get people across the world talking about your product?

One particularly good example of this was the series of adverts, online bits and pieces and such forth from Old Spice. Employing a chiselled hunk, typically shirtless and known pretty simply as the ‘Old Spice guy,’ who was put in bizarre situations that included, sitting on a horse with diamonds seemingly spilling out of his hands out of nowhere. He would ask the ladies to look at him, and compare him to their ‘fella’ – telling them quite directly that he was the man their man could smell like – with Old Spice of course – so the campaign was not only attracting interest from the women, but the men as well. Not bad for something that was considered old fashioned and outdated – suddenly it was an Internet marketing sensation.

A few years ago there was an interesting Internet marketing campaign to get the best job in the world as a caretaker of the islands off of the Great Barrier Reef. The only requirement was that you made a daily blog about your escapades after going about your daily duties of exploring the islands, looking after the fish and such forth. Unsurprisingly, people applied for the job in their droves, and it acted as a good little bit of Internet marketing for the Tourism Queensland – drawing in more publicity than many other traditional and Internet marketing strategies could gather in years.

No example of Internet marketing campaigns that have gone viral would be complete without ‘Will it Blend’. Although quite horrific to think that iPads, laptops, smartphones, and whatever else they could possibly funnel into the little blending device. This was a stunning piece of Internet marketing on the half of the random Utah blender company. A perfect example of the utilisation of YouTube to do content marketing – although the guys behind it probably never get expected it to get as big as it did.

Nike did a bit of clever internet marketing by enlisting the services of LA Lakers basketball star, Kobe Bryant, to, well, jump over stuff. He was already one of the top stars in the game, so showing him doing seemingly logic defying jumps over cars, and pools filled with snakes, was certain to generate an interest amongst sports fans.

A chicken selling burgers might not seem the best of Internet marketing viral campaigns – but it certainly did the job for Burger King, allowing users to bark out orders to a man in a chicken suit. The site is still in existence today.