Garage sale tips from scheduling to garage sale pricing.

tips for garage sales


Having a garage, moving, or yard sale is like getting paid for people to take your stuff. However, if no one shows up, you will still have a bunch of stuff and feel like you wasted a weekend. Use these successful tips for garage sales, you may be surprised at how much money you can earn in one weekend yard sale.

Scheduling the Day

Saturday is usually the busiest day for garage sales, with Fridays a close second and Sundays lagging behind. You’ll get a few stragglers on Sunday, but many may just be return customers from the day before, looking to see if you’ve slashed your prices. To attract the most traffic to your garage sale, hold the sale on Friday and Saturday and avoid holiday weekends.

Check the Weather Report

Garage sale shopping is mostly a summer activity. Sun will bring out more people to your garage sale than clouds and certainly more than rain. Even after advertising your garage sale, keep an eye on the weather report. If clouds, rain, and cold temperatures are  forecasted, you may want to consider rescheduling.

Pricing for Garage Sales

You can’t expect to get top dollar for most or any of your items that you put out for sale. People expect and are looking for a bargain at a garage sale. This is an easy way to get rid of some stuff and make a little extra cash. But it’s not the best way to make a profit on collectables or other high priced items.

A good pricing for garage sales tip is to check eBay for similar items that you have for sale. Expect to only get people to pay 25 to 50 percent of eBay prices. And that is bidder prices, not ‘buy it now’ prices.  If you have an item that you want a higher price for, then you may do better selling on eBay or posting it on Craigslist for sale as an individual item.

For example, used children’s clothing items sell well when priced at 25 to 50 cents each piece. You’ll have significantly less interest if the price reaches a dollar or more.

Free Garage Sale Advertising

You don’t have to spend any money to get people to your yard sale. Free garage sale advertising is easy to do. Most people who come to a garage sale, spend the morning driving around looking for signs, or just happen to see a garage sale sign on their way and stop by. This makes the signs your most important advertisement.

Use brightly colored paper and black ink (you’re biggest expense if you don’t already have these)to make the signs. The fewer words the better, as people just want the directions. Make the arrow thick and large, that’s the most important feature. Then post the signs to direct people from all major streets that connect to your street. When the weekend is over, do be polite and take the signs down.

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Some people also check Craigslist for upcoming garage sales. These people are looking for specific items and specific types of sales. Post your upcoming yard sale on Craigslist one to five days before the sale. List some specific items that you think many people will have an interest in such as camping gear, baby gear, or tools. Also, if it is an estate or moving sale, advertise it as such. Pro garage salers know these sales have more items that people want to get rid of fast.

Setting Up

People tend to scout out a garage sale by driving slowing by to see if they want to stop. They may be looking for specific items or just want to know if the stop will be worth their time. Even with using all the above successful tips for garage sales, if your stuff doesn’t look interesting or worthwhile, people will not get out of the car.

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To get people out of the car and browsing, display as many items in an upright position that puts them in full view for people in cars. For example, set up the folding chairs, fishing poles, golf clubs, tents, and bikes, don’t lay them down. This also makes it look like you have a lot of stuff for sale making the stop more worthwhile. Also, get things out of boxes as much as possible—boxes are not interesting to people driving buy.

One last garage sale tip, although it may seem convenient, do not put price stickers  on your stuff.  People want to haggle. With a price sticker, even priced at an exceptional bargain, people feel the haggling is done and often move on. One exception to this is if you have a lot of one type of item. For example if you have a lot of boxes of used children’s clothes for sale, label the boxes with a cheap price (such as 25 cents each) and you will get people digging in.