When you are creating videos specifically to drive traffic and increase sales then there are a few steps you need to ensure you are doing. If you are not following these simple steps then you are hurting your video efforts. Some people are able to upload hundreds of videos in a short period of time but they get little to no traffic from them while others may only upload a handful of videos yet be able to garner tons of new traffic and multiple sales. What is the difference? The successful video marketers will use the tips outlined here. If you want success at using videos for marketing then you need to at least follow the basics. Here are the basics of a successful video marketing strategy.

Create Interesting and or Amusing Videos

You need to create interesting and or amusing videos. You do not have to be a World-class Hollywood Style movie producer either. Experiment with different styles of videos and see which convert better for you. YouTube marketing is a great way to build your business up and can be very fun to do. It will also give you a break from other forms of marketing such as trying to generate natural looking backlinks.

You cannot be successful with video marketing if you are not creating interesting, helpful, or amusing videos.  Look at the videos that you have shared before. Have you every shared a spammy sales type video with your friends and family on Facebook? The only people who do that is people who are benefiting from the video. If you create a spammy and crappy video and you will be the only one who ever shares it. You need other people to leverage for their social markets and if no one is liking or sharing your Video then you are not going to be successful. If you truly want to get a lot of traffic then do not make your videos boring and ensure that you create something that other people will actually want to link to naturally.

Engage With Your Audience

When someone leaves a comment or asks a question in the comments section then ensure that you take the time to answer them or thank them for viewing your video. Your goal as a small business is to establish a relationship with your viewers so you can get these viewers to become loyal to your brand. If potential customers view you as a trustworthy and helpful person then they will buy from you the next time they need to product you are selling and they will also recommend you the next time their friends and family need your service or product. Instead of being a scammy salesman who is always pushing a product you should instead take the time to build relationships. In the long-run you will earn much more money this way.

Once you are very popular on YouTube and receiving thousands of pageviews each day with hundreds of new comments each day then it will obviously be impossible for you to answer each comment left. You are not at that stage yet where you get thousands of views and hundreds of comments each day but if you interact with your viewers you will be able to reach this point much quicker.

Video Stats

Use the statistics that you have available to you on your Videos. YouTube is great at sharing stats with you about your visitors. If you suddenly see a surge of visitors from a particular website where your video was shared then you should visit that website and see why your video got so many visitors from that website. Maybe you can create another video that would fit in with that websites niche that you could fill and then get videos you make shared regularly on that website.

There are countless ways to utilize video statistics. Look for trends and see how you can possible make videos that will help you to emerge higher in the rankings of the various search engines including YouTube search results. 

By looking at yoru video stats you can learn abotu which benchmarks you shoud work towards that will increase your overall revenue that you earn from your marketing videos. You may learn that amateur looking product reviews convert into more sales then the videos that are professionally done. Making sales is the number one reason to use video marketing strategies for your business.

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