Successfully Asking For A Raise

Asking for a raise can be a nerve-racking as you are pressed with many questions such as What do I say?, How do I do it?, and How much do I ask for? How you go about asking for your pay raise plays a significant role in how much consideration your employer actually gives it. Raises pose a complicated matter in that there is no specific best or worst way to ask for them that will hold true for all jobs; however, there are many "best practices" that will lead you to find the specific best way for your own position in that company. With the right skills and knowledge in place, your employer will give you the absolute most consideration in regards to the raise.

Determine The Amount

This is a bit difficult because if you ask for too much of a raise your employer will feel insulted, and if you ask for too little of a raise you are going to lose out on money; you are going to try and find that golden number that is in between too high and too low. One way to do this is to compare your current salary with those of others holding the same or a similar position. This comparison can be made in a few ways which include internet research, speaking to workers within your company, and speaking to workers from other related companies. Another way to determine the amount of your pay raise would be to look at your past raises (if there have been any). For instance, if you see that your past 3 raises have been for $5000 per year, a good estimate for the golden amount of the current raise would be something close to that figure. Using the above techniques, you will find it relatively easy to determine the proper amount of a pay raise to be asking for.

Schedule A Meeting

The next step would be to schedule a meeting with the employer; you should simply tell them that you would like to speak with them about something on whatever day that you plan to do it on. You can easily decide which date and what time is best by reading the article "The Best Time To Ask For A Raise"( You should try and push for a set date and time for the meeting, and avoid "on the spot" meetings or "sometime during that day" meetings; this will portray the idea of an organized offer to your employer rather than simply springing the idea on them. If you show them that you have put time and effort into preparing your offer formally, they will definitely consider your offer formally.

Prepare Your Speech

You should prepare a roughly memorized speech to present the offer to them. This speech should include your skills, improvements, and achievements; you should also try to avoid bringing up any negative actions or excuses/explanations for them. You should also avoid using inflation or the rising cost of living in the reasoning for your raise; after all, they are going to be giving you the raise, not the economy. The main idea here is to bring up as many things as you can to allow them to realize how much you deserve this raise.

I am sure that if you use all of the above knowledge and skills to your advantage, you will have no problem getting the raise that you deserve. And remember to continually improve so that you can read this article again next year and get yet another raise.