In a home, one of the most noticeable features that help set the mood and style of each room is the curtains. The ambience of the room is especially affected by how much light the curtain allows through, as well as its coloration. Think of each window or shower in your house as the potential location of a quality ensemble. Your goal, when picking out which ones you'd like to purchase, is to orchestrate a perfect blend of color and light that will give your house the feel that you are looking for.

For the shower curtain, you aren't looking at light as much as color - although it is important that if there is no light source built into the shower, you want a curtain with a decent opacity so that whoever is showering has enough light to see clearly. Material is also important for several reasons. If you are looking for a classical or romantic setting, then a thin fabric is perfect. However, if you are looking for durability, you may rather go with a plastic or vinyl that has been waterproofed.

When you are picking out window curtains, everything from the shape to the color to the material is extremely important to creating the feel that best suits any given room in your home. First of all, you need to consider how much light you want the curtain to block out. If it is for a room like the kitchen or den, it may be more for privacy and less for blocking light. However, if it's for a bedroom window or a movie room, you may want the material to be thick to help keep light out. The shape is important also - some people prefer to have the fabric cut away so that they can still see out the window without having to pull the curtain to the side, while others prefer a straight down shape that can cover the entire opening at one time.

The curtain rods are surprisingly important to the look and feel of your rooms as well, especially if they will be visible. Your main concern with these, though, should be the durability. You may accidently pull down on them - and children will probably do so on purpose. You want something that will be able to hold up for years at a time and withstand lots of wear and tear while still looking good. Once you have all of these aspects down, your home will truly look and feel even more comfortable.