Celebrating an upcoming birth by hosting and planning the baby shower is a great honor, but also one that holds much responsibility, as there are a great number of details to attend to before the big day arrives.

Compiling a list of everything that will be needed, including the food, the decorations, and the favors will make sure you aren't forgetting anything important during all of the excitement.

Since planning a baby shower may involve almost as many details as organizing a wedding, the mother-to-be should have as little to do as possible, with family and friends pitching in to get everything done.

She'll probably be interested and excited to learn how everything is coming along, so it's fine to involve her in basic matters such as where to have the shower, or who to invite.

However, having a baby can be a stressful enough time, so there's certainly no need for the new mom to worry about anything else.

When planning someone's baby shower, you'll need a complete list of who is to be invited, where the shower will be held, and how many people it will accommodate.

You must also decide what time of day the shower will begin, how long it will last, and what type of refreshments to serve.

Once that's all taken care of, it's time to select a theme or color scheme. These are the main details you'll want to have done long in advance so that everything else neatly falls into place.

There are plenty of small or personalized touches that can be added to a baby shower, not only to make the day even more special for the guests, but to show the mother-to-be how much she's appreciated and loved.

Finding the games that would be the most fun for everyone to play, as well as useful little prizes for the winners is yet another way of making the day one to remember.

Reciting a poem is a beautiful gesture to show your thanks to everyone who may have helped make the day possible, and of course also saying a few words to the guest of honor offering your heartfelt congratulations.