Successfully Selling Stock Photos Online

Are you thinking of selling stock photos online? For many photographers. selling stock photos is a very lucartive way to earn. But how do you do it?

The first thing you need to know is to gauge the quality of your photographs and if people will be interested in buying them. For the most part, there are many who are more than willing to buy photos, even of modest quality, given that they are eye-catching enough or stand out. They ought to be interesting, provocative, rare, and the like. Don't forget that photography is an art in and of itself. To assure a good sale, one that generates a respectable amount, the pictures taken ought to be out of the ordinary. This is an essential; yet very basic, principle of successfully selling stock photos online.

Frame By Frame

Once you have gathered all of the photos that you want to sell online, you should set a minimum price for each; either as individual pictures or as a set.How these pictures are displayed or presented, including their unique titles or descriptions will greatly impact the sale. This is extremely important as it will determine their value. At this stage, you should already have a working knowledge or idea of the amount you'll be raking in and the expenses incurred during the process. Set your expectations, though not too high. Keep in mind that you do have competitors. There will be low bids and those which may even exceed your price range. In general, the entire experience should be as enjoyable as it is exciting.

Negatives Can Become Positives

Once necessary preparations have been made, it is on to the actual selling of your stock photos online; but, this task may not beas easy as you think. Searching website after website may prove to be confusing and time-consuming. There are multitudes of sites claiming to be more superior to the rest. It is for this very reason that caution must be observed in selecting the right one and a site that can offer the most for your money. Choose the one that can best represent your pictures and your ideals.


The worldwide web offers many options depending on your budget and specifications. I will try to guide you through the process by enumerating and highlighting five main sites of interest that may suit your particular needs and purposes. The first one is Snapvillage. This site provides a unique marketplace to display your photographs or illustrations. Snapvillagepromotes an interactive interface for selling stock photos online.

Individuals also have the opportunity to purchase pictures without restrictions at affordable prices. Should an item be sold, the owner or artist may opt to charge a royalty on that particular item for which they themselves will set. The next site boasts to be the largest market for selling stock photos online.

Aside from acting asa stage for photographs, they also accept video, images, and audio. iStockPhoto also gives a 20% royalty fee for items sold on their site which is a base rate. The iStockPhoto site gives its contributors maximum control of their items for their money such as exclusivity. To this effect, they have also integrated special galleries where users can categorize their work. The third site, Stockxpert, though similar to the others, is mainly geared toward a royalty-based platform for digital photographers and artists.

Stockxpert utilizes a powerful and innovative tool to track royalty fees in real time, which is set at 50% for each sale; thereby, truly empowering its users. Payments are also available according to the artist's country.

Fotolia, on the other hand, claims to be the first marketplace, worldwide, to offer stock photographs and illustrations that are free from royalty charges. This allows users to buy and sell openly on the internet. Incidentally, this international website has become a repository that holds the largest database of images at low and affordable prices.

The final and fifth site which could be a possible choice for selling stock photos online is Shutterstock. This particular website is dedicated to web designers, editors of magazines, and artists who specialize in graphic images. It is these very people who would sign up for a monthly subscription in order to buy images uploaded by its users. Subscribers have the privilege of downloading up to 750 pictures or images. Artists, in turn, would receive, as a monetary compensation, 25 cents for each sale made. As earnings increase, money received will also increase. The goal is to reach $500 in total earnings. The scheme laid out on this site is ideal for those who want to get their work recognized.

Of course, there are so many other websites to browse; however, these sites tend to set themselves apart because of their special offers. Those who are still interested in selling stock photos online, it would be advisable to explore the different sites and to decide accordingly.

Take Your Best Shot

In view of these guidelines and the possible sites you could visit to sell stock photos online, caution would still need to be exercised. There are many sites out there that are not true to their word and only offer false hopes. There is an inherent danger when journeying through the worldwide web. The worst case scenario is that what you may have expected a site to offer would, even without knowledge, turn into a scam. This would surely misrepresent your work; as well as, your intentions and purposes. Be selective in your approach and in the submission of images, illustrations, and photographs as they may instantaneously disappear in front of your very eyes.

On the other hand, dream big! There is much out there to push your career and your artistry to new heights. Having your work recognized and made popular is already a success in itself, but getting paid for it at the same time, is even sweeter. So, if you are adamant and insistent in getting your works of art out there in the world, specifically, selling stock photos online, then take your best shot at it!