Are you suffering from Anxiety?

Allow this article to inform you how you can control Anxiety.

I know just how exhausting it is to deal with the many symptoms related to anxiety. It can affect your work life, school life, and even social life. Anxiety can become a crippling mental health issue if you don't take charge.

Fear not, there are plenty of proven ways to help you take charge and conquer anxiety. Below are just a few ways you can try.

Remember that each technique is not going to work right away, they may take practice. They also aren't the cure-all. If anxiety is affecting your everyday life you should go see your doctor.

1. Deep Belly Breathing Exercise:
     This technique is one of my favorites. I use this all the time to prevent panic attacks. It also does wonders DURING panic attack! And if you use it every day you will find yourself feeling a little calmer.

  •      1. First, you need to find a quiet room where you can sit or lay down. (Laying down works best      because it forces you to breathe deeper and use your diaphragm.)
  •      2. Completely relax your body to the best of your ability and close your eyes.
  •      3. Let all the air out of your lungs, and I mean ALL the air.
  •      4. Take a deep breath, count to five and then hold your breath.
  •      5. Hold your breath for another five seconds and then release the breath slowly, again counting to five. Make sure you get all the air out of your lungs, if you need to go over five seconds go right ahead!
  •      6. Let your body do the breathing! When you feel you need to take another breath, take it and repeat the process. Once you get better at this exercise the breathing will become slower and easier for you.

2. Exercise! I know, I know. Exercising is a pain in the butt. But let me tell you from experience that it really helps relieve stress. I go about two or three times a week and I have noticed a nice change in my behavior. I feel more relaxed and it's easier to sleep at night.

3. Try to distract yourself when you are panicking. Your mind won't be in more than one place at time. During a panic attack you are feeling intense fear and you continue to think about how scared you are. Try distracting yourself by taking a walk or working on a project. Your mind will begin to think about what you are doing and soon you will calm down.

4. Meditation is a great technique to help relieve stress created by anxiety. But meditation is rather difficult to do. Try this if you have the patience for it, you can benefit greatly from it.

5. Therapy.  If you feel like you have tried everything, and haven't had any luck, I suggest you go to therapy. This way you can see a professional who will come up with creative techniques designed just for you!

These are only a few techniques you can use to get yourself started to an anxiety free life. Remember that each technique takes practice and time! You will soon be on your way to a better life.