Sugar Beets.

What Is A Sugar Beet?

It's just a beet, a beet you won't eat.

While most of the world's sugar comes from sugar cane, the second largest source of sugar is that derived from sugar beets.  A field of sugar beets resembles a field of potatoes, and rather unlike garden beets, sugar beets also look a bit like potatoes in size and color.

Notice how I said "unlike garden beets?"  Well, sugar beets and garden beets are technically the exact same species of plant.  No, they don't look the same, and no; people don't really eat sugar beets.  So how is it they're the exact same species of plant?

It's like this, sugar beets are the result of centuries of tinkering in the garden.  Sugar beets are the same as garden beets in the same manner a Chihuahua is the same as an Irish wolf hound.  The thing is, after the natural way of manipulating a species was done with, the un-natural ways of this wicked modern world got used on the sugar beets.  Most sugar beets in the USA are grown by Monsanto GMO seed technology, and are "Roundup Ready."

Due to moral and ethical dilemmas, and the known fact most non cane sugar comes from Monsanto patented GMO sugar beets, I can no longer allow myself to support the use of sugar beet sugar save it explicitly state the sugar came from non-GMO sugar beets.

So far as ethical dilemmas, it should be plain that no corporation's patent to owning "life" ought to be given any consideration, and in regards to moral dilemmas and Monsanto, there are simply too many to list.  Anything deemed "Roundup Ready" is a public health hazard, and a moral abomination.  The stuff is banned in a multitude of nations due to it being absolutely connected to massive amounts of horrific birth defects and cancers, along with many another abnormal disorder too.

In the USA, however, Monsanto and the government are entities that can not be separated, and the notion of a Food and Drug Administration that has concern for food or drug safety, is the least laughable joke never told on television.

Do people eat sugar beets?

No.  With a bit of instruction you can grow sugar beets and create your own molasses or sugar, but I've not found anything but sad tales of disappointment concerning people who've attempted to eat sugar beets.  They do, however, please horses.

Where did sugar beets originate?

Well, the notion of making sugar from beets originated in France during the Napoleonic wars.  France and most of Europe was tied up in wars, and cane sugar became hard to get access to.  French farmers had an idea, and used good old fashioned low tech selective breeding and paying attention to natural seeds to breed sugar beets out of garden beets, and soon Europe had a new source for sugar.

Roundup Ready GMO Sugar Beet

Sugar Beets And MSG

MSG -Toxin Of Many Aliases, The Cause Of Many Health Problems

 Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is a concentrated salt used as a flavor enhancer.  The stuff is made from fermented GMO sugar beets, and can literally cause you to believe a dirt sandwich tastes good.  Simply put, MSG is used on low quality food in order to fool your brain into thinking you are eating something wonderful.

MSG is well known to cause a large number of adverse reactions, and so the food industry has gone through the trouble of creating aliases for it.  If you've learned to search caned goods for MSG on the ingredients label so as to avoid the migraine headaches and nausea it sometimes brings, well, there are other names you need to learn to scan for...all mean MSG

What are some aliases for MSG?

1. autolyzed yeast

2. yeast extract

3. maltodextrin

4. hydrolyzed protein

5. sodium caseinate

6. mono potassium glutamate

7. "textured protein."

8. hydrolyzed vegetable protein

9. "Natural meat tenderizer."

10. accent aginomoto

 I've read there are nearly THIRTY aliases used by dishonest American corporations to hide that they're loading MSG into meals.  It's even reportedly called "natural flavoring" in some instances.

What this all comes down to is this:  If you're too lazy to prepare a meal yourself, and you're eating something pre packaged and're going to consume a lot of MSG, and dozens of other food dyes, and absolutely unhealthy "preservatives."

Does MSG contribute to Obesity?

Absolutely it does.  Remember, MSG can make dirt taste good.  It also triples the amount of insulin your body produces, while providing absolutely nothing in mineral or nutritional value to you.  You could say MSG is the food industry shaking hands with the health care industry to your detriment and slow destruction.

What other health problems are associated with MSG consumption?

1. skin rashes

2. itching

3. hives

4. nausea, which is typically what I wind up with after inadvertently consuming MSG.

5. migraine headaches - the most common symptom of MSG consumption.

6. it aggravates asthma

7. heart irregularities

8. seizures

9 depression.

10. diarrhea

11. ringing in the ears

12. irritable bowel syndrome

It's important to realize here that some people will be far more sensitive to MSG than other persons, but it is an absolute fact that all who consume MSG are going to be affected by it on some level or another, and how MSG affects you is something you'll have to determine yourself.

Other than canned soups, what other pre packaged processed foods contain MSG?

1. some salad dressings

2. spicy corn chips

3. processed meats such as hot dogs, beef jerky,and sausages

4. most seasoning or gravy powders

5. many brands of seasoning salt

The Truth About MSG

MSG And Me


To be perfectly honest about it, I had no idea what MSG was until about 2009 when a friend was over while I was cooking something, and he'd grabbed my seasoning salt bottle, looked it over, and exclaimes something to the effect of,


Well I had no known reason at the time to suspect my food or the seasoning sold at the grocery stores, I just had always bought whatever it was I thought was good.  My friend went on to say the MSG would cause me to have Alzheimer's or something when I was older.

I've come a long way since that time, and now I know that big corporations are absolutely in bed with our government, and they often seem to work together towards destroying our minds and our bodies.  I stopped purchasing anything with MSG inside of it.

After a while though, I did find something I liked again containing MSG, it was a beer by Budweiser called a "Chelada," which was basically just Budweiser with some Clamato, salt and lime juice mixed in.  The Clamato contained the MSG, and despite how delicious the brew tasted to me, I'd notice how I felt just a little bit queasy after drinking the stuff, and so I now no longer purchase that beer at all.  I don't consume ANYTHING with MSG, the only problem the stuff causes me is the outright anger at the ignorance I once had concerning food and seasonings, and how they're often a slow contributor to living badly, or disease.

I hope you will avoid the stuff altogether yourself, thanks for reading.