Looking for sugar gliders for sale? These Australasian marsupials have become a popular exotic pet in the United States but before you purchase one, read up on the pros and cons of buying sugar gliders.

They are very loyal, loving and cute which is why many people want to have a sugar glider as a pet. They are social animals that will eagerly bond with humans, especially if they are raised from a young age.

Physically, they are small and can fit in your hand at around 6 to 7 inches in length and weight 3 to 5.3 oz. Their color varies from silver to charcoal with some having black markings.

Their membranous wings stretch from their hands to their feet. In the wild, they fly by gliding from one tree to another using their wings. They can glide for distances of up to 50 meters

They are birthed live and the parent has a pouch in which to keep its young, like the kangaroos in Australia. Their diet consists of nectar and tree sap along with some small insects. Healthy captive pets have a life span of about 10 to 12 years although in the wild they typically live for only 4 to 6 years.

Although they are not exactly hard to take care of, prospective owners should be aware of the sugar glider's basic requirements and be prepared to take care of their exotic pet properly before answering one of the sugar gliders for sale ads.

Gliders need a large cage or an aviary because they are tree-dwelling creatures that need a lot of space. They are nocturnal and can be quite noisy at night but during the day they are quite happy to stay in their owners pockets. In fact, many sugar glider owners love to carry their pet along with them in a pocket all day long.

In addition, they are very social animals and live together in large groups in their native habitat. Sugar gliders need and crave companionship of their own kind so it is recommended that they live in pairs at the very least. Same sex pairs are good if the owner does not want offspring.

In conclusion, people looking for sugar gliders for sale should keep in mind that sugar gliders are very loving and loyal pets but they need a lot of space and the owner must take care to provide companions and a proper diet for their pet.