When planning a vacation at the Smoky Mountains, staying at the sugar maple cabins is the best choice. The type of accommodation it provides to its guest best suit the mountainous ambience of Tennessee.

The sugar maple cabins showcase the best chalets and log cabins comparable to a high-class resort and hotel. It is furnished with luxurious furniture and has newly designed bed sheets, pillows and mattresses.

Travelers visiting the Smoky Mountains may also visit nearby cities like Townsend, Pigeon and Forge. They are entertained by art galleries, parks and live performances. The natural beauty of the mountains and entertainment in the surrounding cities make it the destination of choice for tourists.

Costumers love the serenity they can get during their stay in the cabins. They have relaxing porch swing and rocking chairs. Newly weds may have a romantic meals outside the dinette while watching the lights on the sides of mountains and the twinkling stars at night.

The shower room has a lavish shower, hot tubs, and Jacuzzi. Enhancing the refreshing shower experience are its lights, steams, lights and audio system.

Business people need not to worry in monitoring their business because sugar maple cabins have wireless internet connection. Feedback from customer says that the connection is speedy and reliable because it made use of a cable connection suitable for a mountainous area.

Other facilities that can be found are library stocked with various learning materials such as books and cds. Their kitchens are made up of brand new utensils and cookware. Cook books are also made available with easy-to-follow recipes.

Adventure seeking individuals may enjoy adventure sports offered in the mountains like zip lining. It allows a good view of the mountain and country side.

However, some costumers complain that they can only make use of the outdoor pool during summer. A few also complain of the dining table that cannot accommodate more than four people and the kitchen counter with no bar stools.

Some reviews say that the cabin was not clean and some gadgets like remote controls are not functioning. The private pool had some leaves and even worms. There are also complaints on poor services among its staff wherein they do not immediately follow requests from guests such as cleaning.

Generally speaking, staying at sugar maple cabins is a worth a try. This will surely provide you a close encounter with nature as you enjoy some time to unwind with your family or friends.