Nature's Golden Drink


Winning the best of our health is one of the biggest challenges that we face in our forever rushed world. No one has time to look at what they are putting in their mouths. You will find more and more people sitting in the doctor’s office with an issue that is simply caused from our diets and lifestyle.

Most of the fitness trends and foods that are being re-introduced have been proven in the past though we barely know what’s good or bad anymore.

Millions of diets, opinions and studies and even the media continue to give different ideas and some of us are more confused than ever.


There is one thing that has never failed us and continues to impress the “experts”, and that’s Mother Nature. It doesn’t offer us a magic pill with side effects, but it does have the food that proves to be the most beneficial in the short and long term of our lives.


It’s a guaranteed wakeup call for many when they discover that they have a high risk of a heart attack, or their kidneys aren’t functioning or even the sex organs aren’t in check.

A treatment is possible but without a well balanced diet and lifestyle, prevention and quality living is nearly inevitable. And a 90 day program may help you lose some weight, but remember fitness should be maintained for life.

With many natural goodness and nutrients that have been available to us since the beginning of time, there is one that is supremely beneficial with its high content of vitamins and minerals.

It’s uses is well known as strong kidney cleanser and it strengthens body organs like the stomach, eyes, heart, brain and sex organs.

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It helps fight against cancer especially breast and prostate cancer. This drink will give enough potassium to act as a mild laxative, as well as amino acids, a very strong combination to refresh your muscles glycogen (energy).

Its name is Sugarcane and its consumable raw or juiced…Wait a second, sugar? Isn’t that bad for you?


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White Sugar is Bad For You!

Not all sugars are created equal! Sugar is commonly found in the form of white sugar which is refined. Meaning it has gone through a process where all the minerals and vitamins have been removed.

Not only have things been removed, the addition of chemicals make it a very unhealthy substance. White sugar is also known to cause tooth decay and such, but with sugarcane, it actually prevents it!


It’s an enjoyable drink that will not only stop but also destroy your sugar cravings. It has no simple sugars, which allows (type 1) diabetics to enjoy this too. It is a low glycemic drink which means you won’t experience any sugar crashes.

White refined sugar has a high glycemic index of 64 and sugarcane has a low of 40. A high GI (glycemic index) food produces an increased risk for cancer, acne and weight gain. While it does give a quick rush of energy but it’s followed by a crash of feeling lethargic and lazy.

When sugarcane is juiced, it is a great energy drink that will give you high quality fuel. It provides glucose to the body which will be burned by the muscles. 

If you’ve been exposed to high heat, the potassium content will quickly help you get rehydrated. And as an athlete, it provides instant energy which is great for maximizing performance and endurance.


It’s a drink that can be enjoyed and it can win you over the best of your health if it’s a part of a well-balanced diet. Combine this with a good fitness program and you will be guaranteed to notice more benefits, more time saved from hospitals and doctors appointments.

Don’t forget about your money! Sugarcane isn’t as expensive as a coca cola which by the way is an excellent toilet cleaner (try it). If you have the flu or cold, you can consume sugarcane. It can also prevent you from being sick.

Talk about hundred features in one! Sugarcane juice had to be Hercules favorite drink. If this was advertised just a third of what coca cola or any soda company did, then this would have to be the people’s number one drink. It’s a great addition to anyone’s diet and the difference can really be noted when consumed.


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