Epilation by Erikfrausin (30815)

Many people consider waxing to be the best form of body hair removal. The process is fast, and any regrowth is slow – usually at least 2-3 weeks. Hairs grow back finer and softer over time. All of those reasons combine to ensure that waxing is considered by many to be the preferable method of epilation.

But have you heard of sugaring? Sugaring offers all the same benefits of waxing hair removal, but the pain is less. Sound too good to be true? Let me explain.

I first became aware of sugaring hair removal back in the early 90's. The Body Shop used to sell a DIY sugaring hair removal kit, and so I decided to give it a go. At the time, hot home waxing was not in existence and salon waxes were outside of my budget. I was impressed! It's no more difficult than waxing, no more messy and it does the same job. Just the 'ow' factor is considerably less than it is with conventional warm waxing hair removal treatments.

Sugaring is also known as 'Persian waxing' or 'Sugar Waxing'. The origins of sugaring do not however, have their roots in Persia, but in fact originate from Egypt, where even today, women use melted halwa (syrup/oil sticky sweets) as the wax for hair removal. (Prior to their wedding day, a 'halwa' woman comes to the house and removes all of the bride-to-be's body hair - ouch).

Where sugaring hair removal wins in the reduced 'ow factor' is because the sugar sticks only to the hairs, and not to the skin. This minimizes exactly what is getting pulled about and ripped when we wax/sugar.

You can also make your own sugaring mix – here's how:

Simply mix 1 cup sugar with 1/8 cup lemon juice and 1/8 cup of water. Heat through until a pale golden color and leave to cool to room temperature. It should be pliable and thick in texture, but soft enough to mould. It's that easy! Apply by dusting the skin with cornstarch and then applying as normal wax, and remove with muslin or with specially bought waxing paper strips.

The truth is that no hair removal that involves ripping out the hair from the roots is entirely pain-free. It's uncomfortable, at best. But for those who cannot face the pain of waxing, sugaring hair removal is a real, viable alternative.

As for me, well, I'm still sugaring my legs, but will be moving on to laser hair removal once I've got the other areas that I'm working on finished. No more waxing, sugaring or shaving!

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