A Middle Eastern practice that was used in ancient times to get rid of unwanted hair was the sugaring hair removal. This technique involves the use of all the natural ingredients to form a paste. These ingredients include lemon juice, water and of course, sugar. These food derived ingredients remove the hair follicle right from the root. What's more, the results last up till more than six weeks which is more than enough. There are many different recipes used for facial hair removal of this type.

However, only the above mentioned natural ingredients are used in the real sugaring technique. Another name for this kind of hair removal technique is sugar waxing. This isn't an appropriate term but is used so because of its close association with waxing, which also helps in the removal of unwanted hair.

Two types of sugaring hair removal are usually carried out. The first is using a gel and the other is using a paste. Both these types of techniques are performed differently. First, let's go through the paste method. This is the traditional method that was used earlier. It is basically a thick mixture that has been warmed well. This mixture is first applied n the opposite direction of the growth of the hair. Next, the same mixture is applied in the direction of the hair growth.

The application is done totally by using hands. After it is done, start flicking the paste off in the same direction as that of the hair growth. The next type is using the gel. This is a slightly modern technique as works in the same way as waxing does. The gel is applied in the direction in which the hair is growing. Unlike the paste method, after the application is done with, the gel is flicked off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

It is easy for professionals to do sugaring hair removal quickly with the paste. In this method, large amounts of hair are quickly removed. This method can be even faster than waxing. The problem that comes with using wax is that you have to quickly apply it on a limited area, remove the hair and then proceed onto the next area. This can be quite frustrating. But when it comes to the sugaring paste, all you have to do is apply it to a large are and pull out the hair almost immediately.

What is really nice about these pastes is that they do not dry quickly, making it extremely easy to remove hair in smaller sections. Another reason that makes them stand out from the waxing method is that they can be cleaned easily. The paste and the gel are both water soluble. This implies that the residue left over on the skin can be easily cleaned and wiped out with the help of plain water.

The best part about sugaring hair removal technique is that all the ingredients can be made available easily. You can get these sugaring kits from any of the online stores available in this wide internet arena. Also, because of the simple ingredients, you can make your own paste or gel at home itself. Only, while whipping up your own paste, make sure you are aware of the conditions that you should not sugar in. Also, take care to follow all the instructions explicitly so that you do not make a mistake. This sugar paste can be applied over hair strands that you have missed or haven't been pulled out successfully. Such cases always happen while waxing.

The good news is that this paste is extremely gentle and can be used on an area that has just been sugared. This can be done without any fear of skin irritation. Also, there are chances that this temporary treatment might turn into a permanent settlement. Frequent sugaring can cause, over a long period of time, the hair follicles to get damaged. That means the hair growth will be shunted forever.

It can get extremely difficult to find a salon that offers the authentic sugaring hair removal treatment. There are many different salons that do advertise for them but what they really use is nothing but wax that contains sugar. Do not confuse this with the real thing. There are only a few places that offer the right method. If you are planning to concoct this paste at home, make sure it has the right consistency. This is important because otherwise it won't hold on to the hair and keep dripping.

This hair removal method requires at least some hair growth. The traditional sugaring, that is sugaring with a paste, requires at least 1/16th inch of hair for removing it smoothly and from the follicle. This is almost equal to hair after 2 to 5 days of shaving. If you are using the sugaring gel, at least 1/4th of hair growth s required.

If these above conditions are not met, the hair removal will just not be efficient enough. The sugaring contradictions should be well known by you or the professional concocting the gel or the paste. If they are not, it can lead to big trouble. If the paste is wrongly made, it can result in redness of skin. The skin may also become scabby and itchy. If the salon is not maintaining hygienic sugaring conditions, it may give you some kind of a skin infection or sometimes even a skin disease.

Once you have removed the unwanted hair, you might want to consider using a hair growth inhibitor to ensure the hair does not grow back as fast or not at all.

Of course, a little amount of pain has to be borne while removing unwanted hair. It is inevitable especially since you are trying to pull the hair out from the root. Many find this method less painful than waxing. One reason behind this may be the fact that waxing sticks to the skin while sugaring does not. This obviously results in less irritation. The chin area, genitals and the upper lip are the areas that are extremely sensitive to pain. Using the sugaring method will work well for these areas.

The traditional sugaring hair removal method with paste causes less discomfort because the hair is pulled in the same direction as its growth.