Windows 7 has wonderful utilities which you could use to regularly backup your important files, but not just the files. You could make a copy of the entire Windows 7 partition and restore it later with all the preceding applications, configurations and settings.

Windows 7 starts to gain acceptance among the old Windows XP users. The feeling, the ease, the robustness make from Windows 7 a fantastic candidate to the famous status of world wide used. In addition, the graphical user interface, the automatically acknowledgment and then installation of the drivers as well as the update of drivers instantly from the web makes from Windows 7 a great Operating System.

While Windows Xp was an incredible operating system it wasn't very effective on restoration and back-up alternatives. This mainly because in Windows Xp whenever you created a full installation on your Windows you have been required initially to backup your private files when they have been situated into "My Documents" folder on the C: partition. Besides that, in Windows Xp if you ever wasted the Windows Operating System signified to loose significant documents. As a consequence, from this point of view we see an excellent step forward from Windows XP to Windows 7.

So let us to go further and check why Windows 7 is better to this. Once you launch the Control Panel you can see the "Backup and Recovery Center". Launch it and you will notice a couple of options there. What's concerning us if we wish just to secure our documents using a backup is the "Turn on schedule" choice and "Change Settings".

In the beginning we must select "Change Settings" then a new window comes out and demands us to indicate the location where this copy it can be put. Select another partition where you are sure you have adequate hard drive space and click on "Next". The following screen you'll get 2 options but we are concerned only in "Let me choose". Once the selection of this option the succeeding screen shows you the partition C: and then you can browse it at your choice and pick out what you must back-up. It's crucial that you choose the confidential libraries and be aware to not select the next option situated just under the browsing screen: "Include a system image of drives C:". Consequently not mark this. If not you can have all the disk copied.

Ok. Right now you could choose "Back up now" option from the primary screen and your files as well as libraries are copied. But, the true choice is "Turn on schedule" which allows you to perform periodic backups at the moment and the calendar day you require.

Some other helpful option which you could find to "Backup and Recovery Center" is "Create a System Image" alternative. It really is one of the best enhancement into the Operating system field because you may clone the entire partition which has the Windows and recover it later on, with all earlier held settings, software as well as configurations in several minutes. Prior to Windows 7, when you needed to create an entire backup of the installed Windows OS you were enforced to use Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image or some other cloning or backup tools. No more in Windows 7 and the technique is easy and straightforward without issues or sophisticated computer capabilities.

This way you will get all your files preserved at date and then you can recover them all in case of Windows 7 crash and back-up your complete system disk. I hope these advices will help you.