Jewelry pieces are such personal items.  How do you find jewelry for the person you're buying for?  How do you know what she will like?  I'm going to offer you some suggestions for making the process of buying jewelry as a gift much easier.

* One way to guarantee that the person you're giving to will like the piece is to ask her best friend what she will like.  If you are the significant other, you should be paying attention to what she wears, whether she likes silver or gold, etc.  Be attentive--whether that means doing some investigative work with her friends or whether it is paying attention to what she wears when she's with you.

* Know her favorite color.  If red is her favorite color then you want to buy a piece of jewelry that is red--like a garnet or ruby set in gold or silver (depending what metal she prefers).  If you don't think she'll enjoy a piece in her favorite color, then at least find out her birthdate and get her something with her birthstone in it.

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* Vintage jewelry is nearly universally appreciated.  For one thing, its like wearing history or at the very least something retro.  Often times, authentic vintage costume jewelry is reasonably priced at a thrift or pawn store.  Also, purchasing a vintage piece is one way to guarantee that she'll be the only one wearing it. A piece of vintage jewelry is often seen as one-of-a-kind, just like that person you're shopping for.

* Put your money where your heart is and get her the most bling your money can buy. This not only shows how much you care about the person but also can be the measure of your intent. To buy something cheap, or far below your financial reach, is to make you look cheap as the gift giver.

* It's one thing to give a gift that the recipient loves. It's quite another to give the gift in a way she will totally remember for the rest of her life. So not only will she have a jewelry piece that she can wear, she'll also have a precious memory of when it was given to her. For this reason, make the occasion of giving the gift a memorable one. Make it romantic. Purchasing a piece of jewelry for your loved one is a serious sign of your affection. Make sure that on the day you give it, it is special and downright romantic.

* Even better (or alongside making the gift-giving occasion romantic), a surprise romantic moment can be amazing. So think about it: a beautiful piece of jewelry, two happy people, a moment made special by one person through planning for the other person. This would just be one more level of making the occasion memorable both for you and for her.

Contrary to popular opinion, the best jewelry is not cheap jewelry. Before you decide what piece of jewelry to buy for that special person in your life, do the research about the process and about what she would like. Educate yourself so that you can feel more confident in the gift of jewelry you'll be giving. If you follow the pointers in this article, you really can't lose and you'll make that special person in your life very happy.

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