Suggestions for Your Internship Resume Preparation

These days you can find a special style of resume called an Internship resume.  As its name implies, this style of a resume composed with a goal of getting an internship in a sought after field. While Internship resumes are ordinarily chronological in format, they have special goals than a resume created for purposes of applying for a full-time professional position.

 First, your goal is not furthering your career but gaining experience and skills as a way to expand on your education and eventually obtain a position in the industry.

Secondly, internships do not require professional experience; this is a way for you to gain such experience so that you can later get a full-time job utilizing what you studied during your internship.

Last, your resume is more focused on your academic achievements than on your work background, because you have to demonstrate that the desired internship is a logical extension of your studies. With this in mind, college students, new or returning, often utilize this resume style to get their foot in the door with the companies they may inevitably want to work for after graduation.

It is a good idea for your internship resume to have an objective included. Here you ought to let your potential employer know just how how their internship aligns with your studies, what you can bring to the table, the things you hope to gain out of the experience and how you will apply your newfound skills once you are out in the professional world. In essence, you are convincing your potential employer that you are the best candidate for the internship, that you will master the job quickly and that the experience is vital for your professional development.

When arranging your resume for an internship, you will definitely need to highlight your education first. Go a step further than just listing your previous degrees or degrees you may be currently working on. Indicate the classes you have taken that qualify you for the internship. Specify how your current major is in line with the internship and how this experience will help you in your future studies.

After you point out your objective and your education, list your qualifications. Create a list ahead of time of all skills that meet the criteria for the internship. Check the list and prioritize it. The most common mistake in resume writing is not prioritizing the important information so you that your strongest skills fall at the bottom of the list. Take into account what qualifies you for the internship. List those qualifications before anything else so that your employer recognizes that you are a great fit for the position.