The ancient Japanese were masters at using rocks for landscaping in beautifying the gardens of their emperors. Rocks were also very effectively used in the shrines and grottoes that were common during that time. Today, incorporating rocks in your landscaping is still a very powerful way to add structure and stability to your garden - a testimony to their enduring attractiveness to people.

Your patio is only as pretty as the area surrounding it. If you are looking for patio ideas to make your whole backyard look better, you can use rocks to landscape your yard or garden as an effective way to add a natural, rugged beauty to these areas. Even though rocks are common and are usually removed because they're in the way, they can actually enhance and adorn your garden when used properly.

One benefit of using rocks in your landscaping is that they don't require much in the way of care because they are permanent and enduring.

Another benefit is that they are neutral and can be used with all types of plants, whether ferns, flowers, or shrubs, and with garden ornamentations, such as fountains and statues. Landscaping rock adds framework and strength to your yard and garden.

It has the uniqueness of being at once both simple and elegant. Following are some suggestions that will be useful for your own rock landscaping.

Make a plan of how you want your garden to look when it is finished. Have at least a mental picture of the way you want the garden to appear when it is completed.

An actual sketch of the completed garden showing the arrangements and spacing of the rocks, plants, and other ornamentals would be even better. Then you will have a guide to go by as you place the elements in the garden.

The rocks should not just be laid on top of the ground. Instead, they should be partially buried in the earth because they will look more natural that way.

That will keep them from looking like they were just placed in the garden as an afterthought to make it look nice. Thought should also be given to the spacing of the rocks, as they will look like the remains of a rock pile if they are too crowded.

Care should be taken to balance the rocks among the other elements of the garden so it doesn't look overcrowded. It takes forethought and care to incorporate rocks into your landscaping, but you will be amply rewarded by the attractiveness and elegance that they bring to your garden and it is one of the patio ideas few people think of. .