Adolecent Depression

Teenagers have enough to deal with in life, with school, family issues, maybe low self esteem, and friendships or lack there of. It is important to talk to your kids on a regular basis to determine any changes in your child's demeanor. Your child's teenage years are a spiraling world and is a mix up time for them. They are learning, experimenting, and growing into their adult self.


Depression is an evil debilitating demon that will not go away unless the individual seeks help, professional help. Even then a person can suffer from chronic depression for the rest of their life. A child that suffers from depression in their teenage years are more likly to suffer more episodes later in life (adult hood).

Depression is Not Funny

Depressions weakens every part of the body physically and mentally. You will not feel like doing anything at all. Your bed will become your friend and the darkness will becomes your comfort zone. Depression can be cause by many things such as; a death, chemical imbalance, and esteem issues to name a few.

Knowing your child and the way they act normal will help in determining if your child is struggling with an episode of depression.

Screening for Depression

Depression screening can be done by a qualified specialist such as a physiologist. There are several types of screening, but most of them involve talking or taking a quiz. By asking the teen questions via oral or written the specialist will pick up on keywords that are associated with depression, they call these trigger word. It is recommended that all teenager get screened for depression. The earlier it is diagnosed the better it will be treated later on in their life if they have another episode.

The lonely Road

In Conclusion

It is better to know then not to know. If your a parent that has a very good relationship with his/her teenager then continue to talk to him/her. Make sure you pay attention to them take time out and actually listen to them. Take time to build their self esteem that would be the key thing to take away from this article. They are in a sensitive time in their life and need confidence to go ahead in life. Even if it is just a comment on their hair even if you do not like it.

Screen them anyway you might learn something about your child you did not know. Remember that the earlier you get it diagnosed the better it will be.