This is season 3, episode 17 of Disney Channel's Suite Life on Deck. In this Suite Life on Deck episode, Twister: Part 1, London offers to take Bailey to Kettlecorn, Kansas for her grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. Unfortunately, their blimp crashes, leaving them stranded in corn country.

Meanwhile, Zack is confident that his team can beat Mr. Moseby's little brother and friends at basketball until he realizes that they are actually NBA all-stars.

Cody regrets his break-up with Bailey and decides to follow her to Kettlecorn in hopes of winning her back.

Twister: Part 1

This episode begins with Bailey (Debby Ryan) chasing London (Branda Song) who has taken her chicken clucking alarm clock. London vows to put it through the blender, but she can't figure out how it works.

Bailey is glum because she was hoping to go back to Kettlecorn, Kansas for her grammy's 90th birthday. London offers to take Bailey herself on her blouse blimp. On the blimp, London comments that "we can play darts." Bad idea--the darts poke holes in the blimp, causing it to crash.

Woody (Matthew Timmons) attempts to play basketball while Zack (Dylan Sprouse) receives a text message from his girlfriend, Maya. She's excited about their 3-month anniversary. Zack wants to take her to the Coral Room, but doesn't have the money.

Moseby (Phil Lewis) sees them playing basketball. He bets that his little brother Dwight and two friends can beat Zack and Woody at basketball. If Zack wins, he gets dinner for two at the Coral Room. Woody gets to use the private bathroom in the captain's room. But if Moseby wins, they have to scrub the entire fiesta deck with toothbrushes. Zack and Woody think it will be a piece of cake.

Zack remarks that they're stuck with Cody (Cole Sprouse) as the third person for their team. Cody's looking for Bailey to apologize and to return the dress he borrowed for his play. Zack tells him that Bailey moved back to Kettlecorn. Cody is upset that Bailey didn't even say good-bye.

London and Bailey are stuck in the middle of corn country. London drives to Kettlecorn, complaining that the blimp couldn't have dropped them off at a limo dealership. Around these parts, this dumpy car is a limo.

London keeps asking if we're there yet. Bailey tries to pass the time by playing I Spy, but all they spy is corn.

On the ship, Zack tells Cody that whever the ball is, be somewhere else. Cody thinks he's over Bailey until Moseby greets them with "Hello Losers!" That was the last thing that Bailey had said to Cody.

Zack and Cody ask where Moseby's "wittle" friends are. Much to their dismay, Moseby's "wittle" brother turns out to be four-time NBA all-star Dwight Howard. They are half-brothers because they have the same mother. Zack remarks that "half-brother" is appropriate because Moseby is half Dwight's size.

Dwight Howard's friends are NBA stars Deron Williams (who also likes puppies) and Kevin Love (who got a free hat).

In Kansas, London complains that she hates corn. Bailey warns her that she'd better not let the Corn Goblin hear her say that. He wreaks revenge on those who hate corn. The car runs out of gas. Bailey asks why London didn't fill the tank. London thought that "E" stood for "entirely full."

London's upset. She wanted to take Bailey to Kettlecorn and to leave her stranded. Bailey's sick of London being so mean, so she leaves to find a gas station five miles away.

On the ship, Moseby is being a dictator coach to the NBA players. Zack wants to win the game by hitting Deron in the knee with a lead pipe, but Cody refuss. Dwight assures Cody that he'll fill out once he hits puberty. Cody's 17.

The basketball players are demolishing the boys. Zack tries to make it difficult for Deron by asking him to keep taking a step back until he's at the other end of the ship. Deron still makes the basket.

Cody pours out his "woman troubles" to an un-enthusiastic Kevin.

In Kansas, London is alone and scared of the howling wolf noises and images of a corn goblin. A corn goblin appears and begins to chase London.

Back on the ship, the basketball players are still winning. Cody is desperately clutching Kevin's leg. Cody needs to win the game so he can see Bailey.

Moseby tells the NBA players that it is not enough just to win. He wants the players to grind them to dust and to make them cry (Cody is already crying over Bailey). Moseby shows them an elaborate diagram of a new game plan. Deron and Kevin regret going on vacation with Dwight.

Zack tells Dwight that Moseby gives Dwight an even harder time than he does Zack. Dwight is sick of it. Moseby has been telling him what to do since they were the same height. Dwight remarks, "you have no idea what it is like to have such an annoying brother." Zack replies, "wanna bet?"

Camera flashes to Cody pouring his heart out to Deron and Kevin.

Zack tells Dwight that they have to polish the deck with toothbrushes if they lose the bet. Moseby used to make Dwight polish his ballet medals. Dwight ponders and beckons his teammates.

In Kansas, London is about to hit the corn gobling when the goblin removes her mask. It's Bailey playing a joke on London. Bailey continues to chase London.

On the ship, the NBA players begin throwing the game. Moseby finally kicks Dwight out and steps in to take matters in his own hands. Zack makes the final winning show anyway.

Moseby leaves to get the promised gift card for Zack. It's dinner for 2 at the Coral Room, but there's a catch.  The voucher expires tonight. Maya won't be back for a week. Woody offers to go to dinner with Zack. Zack reluctantly agrees but reminds him that it's not a date.

Dwight tells Cody to call Bailey and to tell her how he feels. You only have one shot at love. Kevin tearfully agrees and runs off to make a phone call.

Moseby asks Dwight how he could betray his own brother. Dwight was tired of Moseby getting on his case. Dwight remarks that Mom likes his quiche better than Moseby's anyway. Moseby says that his mom has no palate. Dwight calls their mom to inform her of what his brother had said.

London tells Bailey that she was never fooled. She knows that there's no such thing as a corn goblin. They hear howling wolf noises. Something is banging on the car as Cody calls. Bailey tells Cody that they need help.

This Suite Life of Deck episode is Part 1 of a 3-part story arc.