This is season 3, episode 18 of Disney Channel's Suite Life on Deck. In this episode, Twister: Part 2, Bailey and London arrive in time for Grammy Pickett's 90th birthday. Cody tries to tell Bailey that he wants her back but he's interrupted by the arrival of Bailey's ex-boyfriend, Moose. Cody is interrupted a second time by a twister (tornado).

Bailey is confused about what she wants, but a Wizard of Oz dream sequence shows her where her heart truly lies.

Twister: Part 2

In Kettlecorn, Kansas, Cody (Cole Sprouse) arrives outside the Pickett family farm frantically looking for Bailey. He spots Bailey's sleeping Grammy Pickett (Linda Porter) before knocking on the door.

Mr. Pickett answers the door and greets him warmly until Cody tells him who he is. Mr. Pickett slams the door. Mrs. Pickett asks what the ruckus is about. Mr. Pickett tells her that Cody was the boy who "broke our Bailey's heart in Paris."

Mrs. Pickett opens the door and greets Cody warmly, telling that he's even scrawnier than she imagined. "It's like hugging a bag of twigs." Cody tells them that he's worried about Bailey. She had planned on surprising them for Grammy's 90th birthday. Her parents are worried too.

Meanwhile, London (Brenda Song) and Bailey (Debby Ryan) are stuck in the car hiding from the Corn Goblin. London coaxes Bailey to check to see if it's still. London says that if Bailey's face is the first thing it sees, it'll get scared and run away. Bailey asks that they check together. Bailey realizes that it's just a scarecrow.

Bailey tells London to start walking to Kettlecorn. She tells London to watch out for corn beetles. London doesn't want to fall for another corn creature, but it turns out to be real. London frantically runs, and Bailey tells her that Kettlecorn is the other way.

Back at the ship, Zack (Dylan Sprouse) asks Woody (Matthew Timmons) to spot him $20 for a gift for his girlfriend, Maya. Woody can't because he has to do laundry. Zack is surprised that Woody even does laundry.

Moseby (Phil Lewis) enters with a customer named Mr. Everhart. Moseby tells Mr. Everhart that there's nothing he can do. All the rooms are booked. Mr. Everhart is upset. He had been planning the family reunion for over a year. He tells Moseby to break the news to his wife. Moseby gasps in horror. "That's a woman?" He checks himself. "I mean, that's a woman!"

Mr. Everhart says that he'll pay anything. Zack hears this as an opening. He tells Everhart that today is his lucky day. Everhart hopes that his wife fell overboard, but Zack reminds him that they would have heard the splash.

Zack shows him to his room. He tells Mr. Everhart that he can move the beds together (or farther apart). Mr. Everhart is amazed that Zack was able to find a room (not knowing that it was actually Zack's room). He says that Zack is much more helpful than Moseby. Zack tells him to stay away from Moseby because he has anger issues. Once, a customer asked for a towel and he bit his ear off.

Woody enters, lugging a monstrously sized suitcase. Mr. Everhart says that it's his wife's swimwear. Woody asks how many swimsuits did she bring. Everhart says just that one.

Back in Kettlecorn, Mr. Pickett is chopping down trees and asking Cody what he did to break "my little girl's heart." Mr. Pickett asks his wife if she heard from the police. Mrs. Pickett had left a message for Sheriff Bob, but he's probably still out delivering the mail.

London runs in screaming with Bailey behind her. Her parents hug Bailey. London asks them to get this bug off her. Bailey breaks the news that she lost the beetle five miles ago. She just didn't tell her before because they were making such good time from London's running.

London has a huge welt on her neck from being bitten by the corn beetle. Mrs. Pickett tells her to rub some mud on it.

Cody tells Bailey that he missed her so much and that he was worried about her when the phone was cut off. Bailey stoically informs him that he's safe and thanks him for coming. London complains that the mud isn't helping. Mrs. Pickett breaks the news that "that ain't mud." London wails, "ahhhh stupid corn country!"

Cody pulls Bailey aside to tell her something very important. He's interrupted by Bailey's ex-boyfriend Moose (Hutch Dano). Mr. Pickett greets him warmly and tells him to call him Clyde. Moose didn't want to miss Grammy's surprise party. Mrs. Pickett asks London and Bailey to help her put candles on the cake. Mr. Pickett asks Cody if he would rather help in the kitchen with the rest of the girls. Cody unenthusiastically remarks that he'd rather stay here and hang out with the guys.

Moose asks Cody if he got smaller. Cody says that he became a pescatarian. Moose says it's a good thing that he's a man of faith because he's looking sickly. Mr. Pickett agrees that Cody looks scrawny.

Back on the ship, Woody lugs two monstrously sized suitcases containing Mrs. Everhart's tube top and her nightie. Zack asks Woody to bring a plunger. Grandpa Everhart clogged up the toilet. Woody asks what Grandpa Everhart's doing in his cabin. Zack retorts, "if he's clogging up the toilet, what do you think he's doing?"

Woody wonders where he's supposed to sleep. Zack moved him to the linen suite (or supply closet). He also breaks the news that the suitcases have wheels.

Back in Kettlecorn, Bailey and Moose are shucking corn. Moose tells Bailey that she looks pretty when she shucks corn. Bailey replies, "aw shucks!" Meanwhile, Cody is attacked by vicious chickens. He used to feel bad about eating chickens, but not anymore.

On the porch, Mrs. Pickett asks London what she's whittling. London is whittling a pointy stick "to stab all you people with." Mrs. Picket asks why not just use the knife. She immediately regrets her words.

Cody is attempting to shuck corn when Mr. Pickett explains that it takes muscle. The corn slips from Cody's hands and hits Mr. Pickett in the eye. Cody apologizes, explaining that it slipped because of the moisturizer on his hands. Moose replies that this explains the fruity smell. Cody retorts that jasmine is not a fruit.

Moose takes Clyde to get him some eye. Bailey is upset with Cody. Cody is a little out of his element on the farm, but he has something important to say. Unfortunately, he's interrupted by a twister. London is excited because he loves that game. Mrs. Pickett motions everyone to the storm cellar. Cody dives in head first. Bailey sheepishly explains that it's his first twister.

Back on the ship, Woody rushes into the Everhart family reunion saying "big problem!" Mr. Everhart panics until Zack bluffs that his nickname is Big Problem as in "you mess with me, you got a big problem!" Woody pulls Zack aside to tell him that Moseby's on his way. He'll be here in half an hour. Zack tells Woody to stall him.

Later, Moseby tells Woody that he has a dinner reservation at the Aqua Lounge. Woody distracts him by lifeguaring the hot tub that's only four feet deep. Woody retorts that it's about some people's heads.

Moseby tells Woody that nobody's going to fall in the hot tub. Woody pushes Moseby into the hot tub and makes a big show of saving him. Moseby's not worried until Woody says that he's trained in mouth to mouth.

Back in Kettlecorn, Cody is panicking the storm cellar. Mrs. Pickett assures him that it's just a little wind. It's just too bad that it put a damper on Grammy's birthday. Bailey remarks that Grammy's enjoying it just as much as last year. (Grammy is snoozing in the rocking chair, wearing her party hat).

Mrs. Pickett is glad that Moose managed to bring Grammy Pickett and the lamps. He also brought Mrs. Pickett's knitting, Bailey's snuggle bunny, and Mr. Pickett's Tractor Digest. Mr. Pickett quips that he can't read with only one eye. Cody's surprised that he can even read at all---oops, he just said that out loud.

Moose and Cody fight over Bailey, bopping her from side to side. Moose asks Bailey to "tell this scrawny city boy you pick me." Cody asks Bailey to "tell this tall strapping cowboy you pick me" and to ignore his description of him. Each boy claims that Bailey belongs with him. As they fight, they accidentally push Bailey, causing her to hit her head and faint.

In Bailey's dream, she's dressed in a Dorothy costume. Moseby arrives dressed in a munchkin costume to welcome her to Oz. Bailey assumes he's a munchkin but Moseby angrily argues that you're under 5 feet 7 and wear curly shoes and automatically you're a munchkin. The real munchkins are playing miniature golf, which to them is just golf.

Moseby thanks her for killing the Wicked Witch of the East. London arrives in a giant bubble and a Glinda costume. Moseby tells Bailey that it's the Good Witch of the North. She's a bit of a bubble head. London complains that this is the last time she'll rent from Rent a Bubble.

London gives Bailey the Wicked Witch's shoes. "You should wear those sparkly shoes so people won't look at your face!" Bailey asks Moseby to help her find her way to Kansas. He tells her go along the yellow road.

She comes across an intersection and wonders which way to go. Moose, dressed as a scarecrow, wants to come with her. He tells her that even though he doesn't have a brain, he still has lots to say. There are lots of people like that. Don't you watch reality TV? Bailey takes the straw out of Moose's head. She's holding his last 8 IQ points.

Cody arrives dressed in a Tin Man costume. Bailey gives him the oil can. He tells her that she's pretty cute. Moose tells her to back off. The boys fight over her.

Woody arrives in a cowardly lion costume. Woody insists that he's Chewbacca. He likes that movie better. Zack arrives in a flying monkey costume. He likes working for the Wicked Witch of the West because she has a great dental plan.

Bailey still needs to know which path to take. Moose tells her that even though he doesn't have a brain, he'll take care of her and keep her safe. Cody tells her to come with him and they'll have a great adventure. Zack and Woody tell her to go with Moose. It's 3-1, but Cody tells them to let her make her own decision.

Cody says that he may be nothing but a tin can, but since she's lucky enough to have a heart, she should follow it.

Bailey now knows where her heart is, but Zack splashes her with a bucket of water. Zack remembers why his boss sent him. That was for parking her house on her sister.

Mrs. Pickett splashes water on Bailey and tells her to wake up. The boys ask if she's okay. She tells them that she had the strangest dream. She was lost and didn't know which way to go, but now she knows what she wants.

She tells Moose that he's a great guy, but that her heart belongs with Cody. She never stopped loving him. He never stopped loving her either.

Mrs. Pickett hears birds chirping. Looks like the twister is over. Moose leaves for him, but Mr. Pickett calls after him, "this is your home!"

Back on the ship, Zack is playing limbo at the Everhart family reunion. Woody yells "Problem!" Everhart points to Zack. Moseby is here. Everhart tells Moseby that Zack rented out rooms for his entire family. He's had such a good time that next year he's bringing both sides of the family. Zack thinks he's in trouble, but Moseby's thrilled. It's time for the limbo, but Mrs. Everhart ruins it by breaking the limbo stick.

Back in Kettlecorn, the Picketts survey the damage. The farm is ruined. Cody offers to stay a few extra days to help, but the damage is too much. Bailey can't afford to go back on the ship. She has to stay to help her family. Looks like London will have her single room.

Everyone wonders where London is. She wasn't in the cellar. They call after her.

This is part 2 of a three-part story, Twister.