This is season 3, episode 19 of Disney Channel's Suite Life on Deck.

In this episode, Twister: Part 3, the Picketts try to prevent Mr. Tipton from buying out their farm and turning it into a plastic factory. Cody and Bailey are finally together, but Bailey wonders how she can afford to go back to the boat after the damage of the tornado. Meanwhile, Zack, Woody, and Moseby sneak into government relief trucks to hitch rides to Kettlecorn.

Twister: Part 3

This episode of Suite Life on Deck, Twister: Part 3, begins with recaps of what happened in parts 1 and 2. After a twister, the Picketts and Cody are unable to find London.

Back on the ship, Zack and Woody are watching a gruesome movie when it is interrupted by a special report. A devastating tornado has swept the Midwest, and a small backwater community of Kettlecorn has been hit the hardest.

Woody is upset that they interrupted the best parrt of the movie (the skin eating the bikini alive), but Zack realizes that Cody, Bailey, and London are stuck in Kettlecorn.

In Kettlecorn, Cody and Bailey are looking for London when she rolls in inside a big tire. Bailey asks why she was hiding inside a tire. London says that when the tornado hit, it was the first place she could find to hide in, and that because the tire is black, it goes with everything.

Back on the ship, Moseby is unable to reach London on her cell phone. Zack suggests that they all go to Kettlecorn to see if they're okay. Moseby says that all the roads are blocked and that they aren't letting anyone through except a government search and rescue team. Zack sees the proverbial light bulb.

Dressed in camoflage, Zack, Woody, and Moseby sneak into the search and rescue truck. A drill sergeant talks about how they're going into the "belly of the beast" and how they only have the strongest, toughest, and leanest men (as he observes Woody). He asks Woody who he is. Woody pretends to be a private.

Zack asks the drill sergeant (Sergeant Pepper) if they're going to stop by the Pickett family farm. Sgt. Pepper asks if they're looking for a cow for Woody to eat. Woody says, "hurtful, sir." Sgt. Pepper tells them that it's not as hurtful as carrying 70-pounds of fat on your back while swimming the beaches of Normandy (a French bistro in a shopping mall). He asks Woody drop and do 20 push-ups.

Back at the farm, Cody is trying to help with the clean-up by Mr. Pickett says that Cody hasn't done enough. Cody asks if Mr. Pickett really blames him for the tornado. Mr. Pickett says that the skies were clear before he showed up.

Bailey realizes that it will take forever to clean this mess up and that she won't be able to go back to the ship. Cody laments that now that they're finally together, they have to be separated. Mr. Pickett sees the upside of that. Mrs. Pickett asks Mr. Pickett and Bailey to move some heavy objects (Cody has no muscle).

Cody suggests they wear gloves to prevent splinters. Mrs. Pickett suggests that he pour lemonade. He even gets a splinter from doing that.

Bailey kisses the splinter and says she's sorry that he's having such a hard time on the farm.Cody sits on a splinter, but Bailey's not kissing that.

On the roof, London's trying to get a signal on her phone when she runs into a metal roof cow. She fights with the roof cow and falls off the roof and lands on Cody.

Back in the truck, Woody is taking over a half-an-hour to do one push-up. Sgt. Pepper tells him to make it fifty. Woody tells him that they're not really soldiers. Moseby tells Sgt. Pepper that they hitched a ride in order to help friends. Sgt. Pepper asks if those friends are hunkered down in the shores of Okinawa, a sushi joint in the same mini-mall.

Sgt. Pepper threatens to bring them to a military tribunal. Zack, Woody, and Moseby jump.

Wearing a metal contraption, London finally gets a signal and calls her dad. He doesn't know who she is. She has to explain that she's the daughter of Wife #3. Cody takes the phone and tells Mr. Tipton of an "amazing investment opportunity" in Kettlecorn.

A helicopter lands on the farm. London finds her father between a turtle of four men. He sees her in Bailey's coveralls and says he's needs to bump up her clothing allowance. Bailey tries to explain that London borrowed the clothes, but London stops her.

Mr. Tipton heard about the terrible devastation of the tornado and has come to help--himself. He just bought the farm from the bank. He wants to level the place and put up a plastic bag factory. He's giving them until noon tomorrow to ride out on their ox. And he wouldn't have heard about this opportunity if not for Cody. Mr. Pickett has yet another reason not to like Cody.

Zack, Woody, and Moseby arrive to the farm on foot. Woody hasn't walked this much since Steve took him to the wild animal park and set him free. London sees that they're wearing the same outfit and thinks it's awkward.

Mr. Tipton and his men enter with blueprints. Those oak trees are 300 years old. They've lived long enough. Moseby greets Mr. Tipton, but Tipton doesn't know who he is. Moseby reminds him that he was best man at his 9th wedding. Tipton remembers that he ran out of friends.

Cody has an idea on how to stop Mr. Tipton. He asks Zack, Woody, Bailey, and Moseby to huddle up. Cody and Bailey tell Mr. Tipton that the excavation has uncovered a dangerous highly-infectious virus. Tipton realizes that something like this could cost him millions in lawsuits. Mrs. Pickett offers to take the farm off his hands. She says that farm folk have built up an immunity to this disease.

As Mr. Tipton is about to hand the farm over to the Picketts, Zack and Woody make a big show about the skin irritation. Woody peels off a face mask. Mr. Tipton realizes he's being duped. He's seen Skin Crawler 7 and has been following Marky Mark since the Funky Bunch.

Cody yells at Zack and Woody. Mr. Tipton was ready to hand it over until those clowns butted in. Bailey doesn't blame them because they were just trying to help. She's glad to have real friends--unlike London.

London has a moment of conscience and tells her father that she's not going to let him do this. "I care about these poor ugly people." She blackmails Mr. Tipton and threatens to tell people about the payoffs, the money laundering, and the secret money operation on the moon. He asks her how she can do this to her flesh and blood. London loves her father, but these people are her family too. Mr. Tipton gives in. If it's that important, these "pickles" can have their farm back.

As they're saying good-bye, Mr. Tipton can't believe that London blackmailed him. He's proud of her for it. He tells Moseby that if he ever needs a job, to look him up. Mr. Tipton's men form a turtle and they depart. Tipton has places to go and lives to ruin.

Bailey thanks London for caring about her family. London tries to resist, but she's tackled in a group hug.

Mr. Pickett tells Cody to call him Clyde. Clyde thanks Cody for trying his darndest to save his family's farm and he can't think of anyone better to be Bailey's boyfriend. He picks the scrawny Cody and lifts up in a stranglehold.

Bailey tells him that she still can't afford to go back to the boat. Grammy Pickett wakes up and tells her to go back on the boat. Mrs. Pickett's surprised that she's awake. Zack is surprised that she's alive. Woody had been using her as a wrinkly cushion.

Grammy Pickett has been hiding a tin full of cash that she's been saving and gives it to Bailey. Mrs. Pickett is surprised. She thought Grammy Pickett had the can under her chair for other reasons. It kept everyone from sticking their nose in there.

Bailey and Cody share an embrace because they can finally be together on the boat. Zack grumbles and asks if Cody's going to kiss her or if they'll have to wait six months again. Cody and Bailey share a kiss.

As the credits roll, Zack is still looking for an anniversary gift for his girlfriend, Maya. Grammy Pickett offers him a necklace that's been in the family for generations. "It's all your, Cody." Zack wisely chooses not to correct her and he thanks her.

This was the final part of a three-part series, Twister, on Suite Life on Deck.