This is season 3, episode 20 of Disney Channel's Suite Life on Deck.

In this episode, Snakes on a Boat, London dares Woody to go into the ship's cargo hold where he accidentally opens a crate of dangerous snakes, letting them loose on the boat.

Meanwhile, Cody is frustrated that he is unable to make Bailey laugh while Maya is upset to learn just how many girls Zack dated before her.

Snakes on a Boat

This Suite Life on Deck episode, Snakes on a Boat, episode begins with Woody (Matthew Timmons), London (Brenda Song), Zack (Dylan Sprouse), Maya (Zoey Deutch), Cody (Cole Sprouse), and Bailey (Debby Ryan) having a couples' game night.

Woody puts his arm around London and asks, "isn't couples' game night great, honey?" London tells him that she'll rip his arm off and beat him with it if he touches her again. Woody takes his arm away.

Cody tells London to make a word already, so she picks up her Scabble tile and says "A" (pronounced like Ah as in Rat). Woody adds onto her A with a "T" to make "at." Zack adds on to their "at" with an "r" to make "rat."

Cody adds onto their "rat" to make "biostratagraphic." He's about to calculate his points when Zack throws the board and Scrabble pieces away.

Later on in the game night, Bailey is doing well in Math-o-Mania when Zack throws the board off the table. Bailey realizes that Math-o-Mania isn't doing so well either. Woody suggests that they all play a game that everyone likes, one that doesnt' involve spelling, addition, or guessing the atomic number of an element.

Maya suggests they play Chuckle Challenge. The object is to make your partner laugh and you can do anything except touch them. Zack tells Woody to go first and make London laugh. Before Woody does anything, London is already laughing. He's just so funny-looking.

Cody's up next. He tells "Aristotle's Theory of Dynamic Motion." The theory was an attempt to explain momentum, but was eventually disproved by Gallileo. Bailey asks why that's funny. Cody says that Aristotle was so wrong that it was laughable. Nobody laughs except London because she's still laughing at Woody.

Woody says that for the first time in his life he's actually winning at something, yet he still feels like crying. He wants to play another game. Maya suggests Truth or Dare.

Woody picks Dare. London dares him to go down to the ship's cargo hold and to take a picture of the dead body they're transporting. Woody refuses. London asks if he's scared of a little dead body, and Woody says no. It just sounds like a lot of stairs.

Zack reminds him that he chose dare. Woody reluctantly agrees. London leaves to do "something not at all evil."

Cody tells Bailey that she's up. She tries to choose Dare, but he dares her to tell him the truth. He asks her if she finds him funny. She says not really. He protests that she's laughed at his jokes lots of times. She was faking.

She says it's not that big of a deal. Nobody really makes her laugh. Cody asks if Moose made her laugh. He did.

Maya breaks up the tension by saying that it's her turn. She offers Zack Truth or Dare. He chooses Truth. She aks how many girls he dated before her. He tries to change to dare, but she insists. Starting in alphabetical order, he recites a long list of names starting with "A."

Down at the ship's cargo hold, Woody enters huffing and panting because there were so many stairs. He finds the coffin and a body covered in a sheet. He takes a picture when London emerges from the coffin screaming. Woody is scared.

London tells him that's what he gets for calling them a couple. Woody says he almost gave her a heart attacks. London quips, "don't say I never gave you anything."

Back on the deck, Zack is still reciting A names of girls he's dated. Maya asks if he's ever going to get to the Bs. Zack quips that he tried to pick dare.

Bailey asks if Cody can believe that. Cody quips, "who knew Zack knew that the alphabet started with A." Bailey doesn't find his joke funny.

Down in the cargo hold, London's still laughing and Woody didn't think she could be so cruel. She says she was just trying to scare him a little. Woody says that she knew there was an elevator and didn't bother to tell him.

Woody asks what happened to the real dead body. There is no dead body. London just keeps it around in case the Bailey situation "resolves itself." As they leave, a snakes slithers out of the other crate.

Later, Woody and London return to the cargo hold because he had dropped her phone. London asks why he's out of breath. They took the elevator this time.  Woody complains that they still had to walk down a mid-sized hallway with a turn. London's worried because all her contacts' info is in her phone.

Woody suggests that she call her phone from the ship's phone so they can figure out where it is. London doesn't know her own number. The only number she knows is how much she's worth. London thinks about calling Chelsea because she knows her number. Oops.

Meanwhile, Moseby (Phil Lewis) is giving Bailey a performance in rhythmic gynmastics. He knows that this is normally a sport for 40-pound Romanian girls, but it's one heck of a workout. He waves the ribbon around and says he's feeling it. As he hits Bailey with the ribbon, she's feeling it too.

Bailey asks if he's going to get that. Moseby thought it was her phone. A snake slithers by Bailey having swallowed the phone. London's phone is ringing inside the snake.

An emcee announces the "unique comedic stylings of Cody Martin." Cody takes the stage and delivers smoe bad jokes in hopes of making Bailey laugh.

In the cargo hold, Woody is calling London's phone but she doesn't hear the ring. She asks him to retrace his steps. After retracing his steps, he realizes that he must have dropped her phone in this crate. London reads that he dropped her phone in a crate full of "dangerous snacks."

Woody points out that the sign says "snakes," not snacks. If she wants her phone, she'll have to look in the box. They open the box, but it's empty. The snakes must have escaped.

Woody thinks Moseby will kill him--then there really will be a dead body in that coffin. London worries that someone will call to invite her to a party, and that the snake will show up instead. Woody quips that if the snake brings a nice enough dip, no one will really care.

Woody says that they have to find the snakes. One falls on Woody's head. London's "found one." Woody drops the snake in fright and runs out of the room.

On deck, Maya is carrying a drink tray while Zack is trying to explain that he really hasn't dated that many girls. Two girls wave to Zack. He tries to explain that he only knows them because of French class.

Zack asks Maya why she asked that question if she was going to be so upset about the answer. She says she didn't know it would take a super computer and a team of accountants to figure it out.

Zack argues that she knew he dated a lot of girls when they met. That's why the player thing came up and why he had to go through the proving that he's changed nonsense. She's not happy to hear the word nonsense.

Zack wants to put the whole thing behind them but he's not interested. As a snake crawls up his leg, Zack thinks she's a pain in the butt. The snake bites him in the butt and he collapses.

Upstairs outside the cabins, a snake crawls under a door as Woody fails to catch him. He does get a nice floor burn. London thinks the burn looks like Justin Bieber. She wants him to make it sing.

London and Woody open the door to Woody's cabin and find that the room is full of snakes. Woody realizes that they're going to need a bigger net.

Outside the door, London tells Woody that it's disgusting. Moseb tells Woody that not everyone finds his booger museum entertaining.

Moseby tells London that Zack encountered a snake on the sky deck (as a snake crawls inside Moseby's pocket. He says that he had to suck the poison out of Zack's...He's going to boil his lips.

Later, Cody approaches Zack wearing a fake dagger through his head. He can't believe Bailey didn't laugh at that. Zack's writing a thank you card to Mr. Moseby. He wants to know what rhymes with "butt." Cody doesn't want to know what this is about.

Zack tells Cody that he'd never thought he'd be saying this. He needs Cody's advice about girls. Cody quips that if it's about making them not laugh, he's your man.

Zack tells Cody that he thought he put the player thing behind them but that she's dredging it up again. Cody tells him that he has an excellent point, but that he should just apologize. The guy always ends up apologizing, so he might as well just skip the back and forth and just apologize.

Cody tells him that for future reference, anytime a girl asks him a question, just say six. It's the perfect answer to any of their questions. How many girls have you dated? Six. What dress size do you think I am? Sex. On a scale of one to ten, how pretty do you think that girl is? Six?

Zack thinks that's pretty good. Cody says that six never gets you into trouble. He loves six. Now Cody wants some advice on how to make Bailey laugh? Zack quips that Cody couldn't even make a hyena laugh.

On deck, Cody approaches Bailey will a trunk full of comedic props. He tells her to address him by his stage name, Parsnip Top. He brings out a watch dog (a watch wrapped around a hot dog).

Zack approaches Maya and hopes to have dinner with her. He apologizes and tells her that he's lost track of how many girls he's dated. He forgot all about them after he started dating Maya. She's happy. Cody walks by and says, "I know that laugh. Fake." He releases a rubber snake.

Outside the cabins, London and Woody are sweeping glue all over the floors in hopes of opening the door, having the snakes come out and get trapped in the glue. Woody realizes that they didn't think of something--after sweeiping the glue, they trapped themselves too.

They barely make it to the door, but when the open it, they see that the snakes are gone. London and Woody are still stuck in the hallway full of glue. Woody gets the idea to use the clothes they're wearing to step on them until they make their way to safety. London takes Woody's glasses and steps on them.

On the deck, Cody is trying to crush a melon. He can't do it, but promises that when it splatters, it's hilarious. Bailey stops him. She tells him that she loves many qualities about him--he's smart, kind, generous, wants to have six kids.

The waiter brings Zack and Maya their dinner. They open it to find a plate full of snakes. Everyone runs. Moseby enters with an angry woman and tells her that he doesn't know what happened to her poodle.

Moseby's had enough of these (sound of bullhorn) snakes on his (sound of bullhorn) boat. He uses music and his rhythmic gymnastics skills to put the snakes into Cody's trunk. Everyone admires how graceful Moseby is. Moseby says it would have been better, but he didn't have time to stretch.

Moseby catches every snake except one. A large snake strangles Cody and the sight make Bailey laugh hilariously. She's laughing so hard that she can't breathe. Cody can't breathe either.

Later, Maya thanks Zack for a really memorable meal. She's never had to run screaming from an entree before. She's never had his mom's cooking before. She apologizes for getting so upset. She realizes that his past isn't as important as their future together.

Zack asks how many guys she dated before him. She vaguely answers "six." He's not happy with that.

London runs in holding a snake to her ear trying to talk to Chelsea on the phone.