This is season 3 episode 20 of Disney Channel's Suite Life on Deck. In this episode, Prom Night, the students' prank incurs the wrath of Mr. Moseby who decides to cancel the prom. Zack comes up with a plan to hold a "secret prom."

Prom Night

This Suite Life on Deck episode begins with Bailey (Debby Ryan) knocking on Moseby's (Phil Lewis)  door. She tells him that her parents sent her a picture of the farm and all the sheep. She wants to make sure that none of them went missing. She asks if he could count them for her.

Moseby sits in his chair and begins counting the many sheep. At 21, there is another knock. Cody (Cole Sprouse) arrives with his Classical CD of the Month. He thought Moseby would enjoy it. It's an arrangment of Brahms' Lullaby. As the lullaby plays, Moseby continues to count sheep while he yawns.

At 36, there is another knock. Woody (Matthew Timmons) enters. He thought Moseby might be hungry so he brought a yummy turkey sandwich (well half anyway). He likes it

At 48, there's another knock. Zack (Dylan Sprouse) enters. He thought Moseby would want to wash the drink down with a nice glass of warm milk. Moseby remarks that the kids are being so thoughtful. Zack says that now that they're seniors, they're more mature. He offers Moseby a shoulder rub.

At 59, London (Brenda Song) knocks. Moseby asks if she brought him something too. She has something that will knock him out.

At 91, Moseby's chair is tied to stacks of balloons. He thinks he left the window open in his cabin. He's about to get up to close it when he realizes that he's floating in the air. The ship is miles below him. Moseby screams.

On the ship, Woody tells Zack that this is the greatest senior prank of all time. Zack says he couldn't have done it without their help.

Miss Tutweiler (Erin Cardillo) is outraged. "I finally get a boyfriend and you send him into the stratosphere!"

Later, Miss Tutweiler is one the phone with Moseby, telling him not to worry. Helicopters will be on their way to rescue him, after they spot at the deli to pick up lunch for Mr. Tipton. Moseby tells them to hurry. There's a storm coming in. Moseby is struck by lightning. The call loses reception. Miss Tutweiler says, "darn dropped calls!"

Cody approaches Bailey and tells her that he got two tickets for prom. She can't wait. Neither can he. He's so excited. Zack teases him and asks if he picked out his dress yet.

Cody will not apologize for getting excited about prom. Zack scoffs. Prom was just another lame invention by girls so they can make guys spend money and dress up in monkey suits.

Maya (Zoey Deutch) enters and tells Zack that she's so excited about prom. Zack tells her that he was just telling his brother the same thing.

London (Brenda Song) enters, telling Bailey that she has dropped out of the race for prom queen "in order to give you ugly girls a chance to feel better about yourselves." Miss Tutweiler explains that since London won prom queen her last three senior years, she had to set a term limit.

Later, the twins ask Woody if he wants to grab lunch. He says he's full of embarrassment and regret. He doesn't have a date from prom. He wants to go with Addison but thinks she would never go with him. Cody quips, "are you kidding? Just this morning she was looking at you the way you look at roast beef."

Still floating, Moseby sees a helicopter and thinks he's about to be rescued, but a voice from the helicopter tells him that he is in restricted territory and that they'll have to shoot him down.

On the ship, Bailey is heavily campaigning for prom queen. Her mom, granny, great-grandmother, and Uncle Zeke were all prom queens (but they don't like to talk about Zeke). She offers Cody a pin, and it jabs him.

Bailey asks Addison if she's going to prom. Addison was hoping Woody would ask him, and she's in full-on chatterbox mode. Bailey tells her to ask him (subtley shilling for votes for prom queen).

Back in his cabin, Woody's having an angry conversation with his mom when Cody enters. Woody says he hasn't asked Addison yet. He's embarrassed because he's never kissed a girl. (Cody pretends to be surprised). Cody offers to help him practice on an adorned piece of ham named "Hamela Anderson." She's Woody's type--sweet, tender, and baked.

Cody demostrates with some sweet talk. Zack enters as Cody is making out with the ham. He gives the ham to Woody. Just as he's practicing with the ham, Addison ovverhears him outside and thinks that he's talking to a real girl. She walks away hurt.

In class, Miss Tutweiler is talking about Prohibition, secret parties, and speakeasies. She opens the map and sees a campaign poster for Bailey. Miss Tutweiler explains that she once had a crown too--one that she ripped off Cindy Dunklemeyer's perfect head.

Maya asks why Bailey cares so much about prom queen. Bailey is paranoid, thinking that Maya read an article and is pretending to be humble in order to win votes. Maya says that she doesn't subscribe to Psycho Chick Monthly. Bailey says that nobody slings mud like her.

Miss Tutweilers likes prom because it's the one day she can dress up, look pretty, and pretend her life is still full of promise and opportunity. Woody tries to talk to Addison. He gives her a note, but she crumples it up.

A disheveled Moseby returns. He's furious. He was struck by lightning, forced to land by a military helicopter, and was rescued by a loathsome baboon. Prom is canceled.

The class argues. Even Miss Tutweiler's on their side. He says he didn't go to prom and he ended up just fine.

Bailey's upset because she lost her chance to be prom queen. London says there's always next year. Bailey says that not everyone plans on repeating senior year until they're senior citizens.

Maya tells Zack she was looking forward to close slow dancing. He wants to get prom back. He suggests a secret prom, justl like those "talk easies." She's happy that it bears some resemblance to what they taught.

London's guarding the door when Cody and Bailey approach. London asks for the secret password. Bailey didn't know there was a password. Cody says "money." They're in.

Cody tells Bailey that she looks gorgeous. She tells him to tell the voters. Addison needs Bailey's advice, but Bailey just tells her to vote for prom queen. Addison wants advice about Woody. She wants to know what to do when he walks in with his other woman. She tells Addison to march up to her and tell her to vote for Bailey.

Woody arrives only to find that he ripped his tuxedo. Cody fixes it with duct tape. Woody says that Addison is beautiful, 72 pounds of pure women. Cody tells him to take charge. Bailey tells him to come here, and he follows.

Outside, Moseby asks London what she's doing. She's stapling posters to the wall. He observes that ship is oddly quiet. She says they're all studying. He's suspicious that they're studying on a Friday night. She asks him to help hang posters.

London does the secret knock. The seniors remove the prom decorations and resume normal clothes. They pretend to be studying when Moseby walks in. London has stapled Moseby's tie to the tack board.

Moseby finally enters and sees a full study hall. He asks Woody what he's doing with the globe. Moseby's suspicious, but leaves. London gives the "all clear knock."

Woody tries to talk to Addison, but she won't have any of it. He wants to know why she's mad. She says he's a two-timer. He says he's not even a one-timer. She asks about the girl he was kissing. He explains that he was practicing on a ham.

She thinks it's sweet--strange, but sweet. He asks her to prom, even though they're already there. His jacket rips. He expected better quality for something that costs 900 ski ball tickets.

Moseby enters and sees the prom. Uh oh. He wants them all out of here. And he tells Miss Tutweiler that they're through--he means professionally. He's in no position to turn down a woman who's willing to date him.

Thinking quickly, Zack decides to crown Mr. Moseby prom king. The students explain that since he missed his prom, they want to give him the experience he never had. He's so touched.

Bailey reluctantly announces Miss Tutweiler as prom queen. She finally gets a crown that's not covered in hair and blood. They share a dance.

Cody says that it was sweet of Bailey to give her crown to Miss Tutweiler. Bailey says that she didn't win anyway. She was so obsessed with winning that it ruined prom. He says, it's not over yet. They dance.

Woody and Addison kiss. He bites her face. Force of habit.

Moseby thanks Zack for a wonderful prom. He says he overreacted to the prank. Canceling the prom was not the appropriate response. He gives Zack a taste of his own medicine by sending him off in a balloon-filled chair. Zack is struck by lightning.