This is season 3 episode 22, the series finale of Disney Channel's Suite Life on Deck. In this episode, Graduation on Deck, the students learn that Mr. Tipton has sold the ship and the Seven Seas High will be closing.

The students, Mr. Moseby, and Miss Tutweiler contemplate their futures after life on the SS Tipton.

Graduation on Deck

The series finale begins in the classroom. Bailey (Debby Ryan) wonders if she and Cody (Cole Sprouse) will get into Yale. Cody quips, "please. Do falling objects accelerate at a rate of 9.8 meters per second squared?" Zack (Dylan Sprouse) responds, "why don't you jump off the deck and find out?"

Mr. Moseby (Phil Lewis) and Miss Tutweiler (Erin Cardillo) enter with an announcement. No they're not getting married. It seems that Mr. Tipton has sold the ship. Seven Seas High School will be closing. London (Brenda Song) is the only one who's happy that they're tearing apart the "stupid sea school."

Later, Maya (Zoey Deutch) tells the group that she's been accepted to the Peace Corps. She's been assigned to Chad. Zack asks who this Chad guy is and why she's "assigned" to him. She explains that Chad is a country in Africa. It's a good thing he's cute.

Woody (Matthew Timmons) and Addison can't believe they only have a week to put together the yearbook, including cutest class couple (as they snap a photos of themselves). Miss Cardillo chases London and tells her that she can't graduate unless she passes the foreign language requirement. Miss Cardillo cares because she's her teacher. London quips, "how do you expect me to graduate. I can't even pass the foreign language requirement?"

At the juice bar, Zack asks Cody for advice about girls. Maya's moving away to a country named after a surfer dude. Cody gives a nerdy explanation about the origin of the name. Zack doesn't want a long distance relationship. Cody offers to let him practice the breakup speech.

Maya approaches Zack and they make plans for dinner.

Zack doesn't have the heart to break up her. Cody thinks maybe he loves Maya.

In the classroom, Miss Cardillo is giving London total immersion in Spanish in order to help her pass the foreign language requirement. London complains, "first you handcuff me, and now you're going to hold me under water?"

From this moment on, they'll only speak Spanish. "Soy Emma." "You're a vegetarian? That explains your dull lifeless hair."

Woody discovers that he did bring a second pair of underpants. Cody sees his envelope from Yale, but he promised Bailey that they'd wait to open their letters together. Woody holds the envelope under the light. He's not the one who promised Bailey.

It's a rejection letter. Cody opens the letter and is crushed. Woody hands him a hanky (the pair of underpants). Gross!

At dinner, Zack talks about the long distance. He says that it'll be difficult but that they can make it work. They'll video chat and call each other every day. She says cell phone service is spotty in Africa. Zack realizes that she's breaking up with him. He's crushed. He can't believe he just got dumped.

In the cabin, Cody's moping, but decides that he has to be strong for Bailey. She knocks and tells him that she went ahead and opened the letter without him. She got in. She asks him to open his. She wants to frame the letters together. Woody says that maybe the whole framing thing is a bad idea.

In the classroom, Miss Cardillo is speaking Spanish. London is speaking gibberish. Tutweiler wants to poke herself in the eye. London asks for a glass of water. Agua. A lightbulb goes off in her head. She understands Spanish! She calls Miss Tutweiler una mujera fea. She's going to graduate! Moseby's going to be so proud of her. She's so proud of herself.

Later, Moseby tells Cardillo that she has until 5:00 to wrap up graduation. A giant crane is coming at 5:00. She wants to talk about their future.

Zack and Cody's parents, Kurt and Carey enter. She berates him for flirting with the tollbooth attendant. She asks why she gave him an autographed CD. He gives everyone one. She just wants child support. They greet Moseby. He tells him that Zack, and even London are graduating. That Miss Tutweiler is a miracle worker.

Bailey approaches the parents. Their dad doesn't know their current status. He can't stand reading Cody's long emails. He prefers Zack's. "Hi Dad, send money."

Bailey tells the parents that Cody's moping in his cabin because he didn't get into Yale. Maya approaches them and says that Zack's not  coming either. She's so sorry and no, she won't be coming for Thanksgiving. Kurt tells Carey that she must have heard about her cooking.

Kurt will take care of Zack. Carey will take Cody.

Carey comforts Cody. He's devastated. She says that there are other schools. What about Princeton (armpit of the Ivy League), Brown (a glorified junior college and ugly color). She didn't go to any college and she turned out fine. Cody mopes that she sings Muzak to bored businessmen in a dingy hotel lounge, and with 40 in the rearview, even that can't last much longer.

Carey's not depressed. Cody apologizes. He's just disappointed in himself. Carey says that he should be proud. He's so brilliant. He's been since the moment he was born and cut his own umbilical cord. He had to--Zack wrapped it around his neck.

The point is, says Carey, he's accomplished so much. He should be celebrating. His cap and gown is in the trash, along with the rest of his dreams.

Carey can't believe that he and Zack aren't going to graduation. She drove all the way down from Boston, with Kurt, listening to the CD of his greatest hits.

In Zack's cabin, Kurt tells him that although Maya is a special girl, there will be lots of others. He'll meet them in trade school, the unemployment line, court-mandated community service or wherever he ends up. Zack is inconsolable.

Kurt says he was heartbroken when he and Mom split up. But he and his band went on the road and they're doing just fine. Zack doesn't want to be the creepy old dude hitting on waitresses at truck stops. Kurt protests that they've really upgraded some of those truck stops.

Kurt can't believe he and Cody are ditching graduation. He drove all the way down with Mom, listening to her greatest hit.

Zack is surprised that Cody's ditching graduation. Both twins open the door at the same time. Cody says that graduation is a huge accomplishment. He couldn't believe that his brother made it this far. Zack protests that Cody has won every award and has been dreaming of this day. Zack says to forget about Yale and Maya. This is their graduation.

Carey gives them their caps and gowns. Cody protests that he has no time to get it pressed.

Carey says that she and Kurt did a good job. He says that they are "our greatest hits."

At graduation, Miss Tutweiler announces the co-valedictorians, Cody and Bailey. Bailey starts the speech as Cody runs in, apologizing for the wrinkly robe. Carey saved Kurt a seat next to her. Arwin protests, "why did you bring this guy?" Kurt protests that he's their father. Arwin quips that he's their stepfather. Carey says, "no you're not."

During their speech, Bailey talks about embarking on their separate journeys. She says she can't go to Yale without him. She chooses him over Yale. He protests that she deserves to go. No matter where they end up, the bonds that they have formed here, they will always cherish. They're friends. They're a family.

The sound of bulldozing interrupts the speech. Moseby tells Frankie to do it later. No can do. Mr. Tipton wants the ship dismantled within the hour. Moseby has some harsh words for Mr. Tipton. They're having this graduation ceremony whether he likes it or not. Miss Tutweiler says that was so brave. He says it's his last day. What's he going to do, fire him?

The graduates receive their diplomas. Zack has a profanity-laced speech that Miss Tutweiler interrupts. Cody and Bailey correct Miss Tutweiler's Latin. As London graduates, Moseby says it seems like yesterday she couldn't tie her shoes. Actually it was. London thanks Miss Tutweiler for not giving up on her.

The graduates move their tassels from right to left. They throw their hats in the air.

Later, Woody and Addison pass out the yearbooks. Addison offers to sign Maya's yearbook. She goes into full-on chatterbox mode, writing a novel. Looks like Maya will need a second yearbook.

Bailey asks London to sign her yearbook. London stamps it. "I will never forget you. No matter how hard I try." Bailey will miss London making fun of her every day. Don't worry, London made her a CD. The girls hug.

Woody hugs the twins and tells them that he'll miss them. Zack tells him that he's coming with them to the Yankee game tonight. But that's not for another four hours.

Miss Tutweiler says she has 30 kitty carriers to pack. Moseby has an announcement. He starts to propose as she squeals yes yes yes. She calls her mom to say I told you so.

London tells Moseby that she's a high school graduate and he's engaged. Bet you didn't see that coming. London says she'll throw him the best wedding ever. She thanks him for taking care of her all these years. He's proud of her for the woman she's become. She has him on speed-dial and will call him if she ever has a problem.

Phone rings. London has a problem. She's going to miss him. She breezily says bye to Zack and Cody. The twins tell her that they'll miss her. In a throwback to the Suite Life of Zack and Cody series premiere, she says, "oh well. It's little ole me, off to Paris."

Bailey asks Cody to visit him at Yale. He will--there's an admissions guy he wants to talk to. He loves her. She loves him squared. It's not good-bye. They'll see each other in two weeks at a math tournament. Zack doesn't know what she sees in him.

Moseby says that he thought that if the ship were going to be destroyed, it would be because of those two. They'll miss each other.

They ask him where he and the "future ball and chain" are headed. He doesn't want to tell them. They're not dissuaded. They'll find him.

Cody tells Zack they've lived in a hotel, a boat, where next? Zack says that no matter what, they're taking the hot tub. He slipped Frankie a $20. He took a $50 from Cody's wallet and gave Frankie $20 of it.

The series ends with a montage of memories from the show.