Suits a television series created by Aaron Korsh has two major draws, Rachel Zane and Donna Paulsen.  For those of you unfamiliar with the show – I highly recommend it - it is a legal drama set in the fictional law firm Pearson Hardman and centres on the established Harvey Spector (a charismatic lawyer) and the up and coming Mike Ross (his associate, who also happens to be a genius).  The concept of the show is that Harvey has hired Mike on the bases of a job interview he stumbled into whilst running from a drug deal, this means Mike was hired because he is a genius and not for his qualifications, qualifications that he doesn’t have and therefore with Harvey’s knowledge illegally undertakes the role.  Trouble therefore ensues as Harvey and Mike try to battle both their cases and life dramas whilst trying to cover up the fact that Mike should not be practising law.

Now to the interesting bit, the debate that has male Suits fans readying themselves to go to war for their lady, a rivalry up there with Rachel versus Monica its Rachel versus Donna.  In the blue corner we have Mike Ross’s love interest and Pearson Hardman Paralegal Rachel Zane played by Meghan Markle (born August 4, 1981) a stunning actress and model – in real life.  In the red corner we have Harvey Spector’s sassy assistant and keeper of his secrets Donna Paulsen played by Sarah Rafferty who is well…also hot, but is she hotter than Rachel or is it just a different kind of hot?  This is going to be hard (too easy).


Donna's low cut dresses versus Rachel's tight fitting skirts

This could be the most important question anyone has ever asked!  Donna’s plunging necklines can result in loss of an episodes plot, not that we are too bothered about that.  A partial view of the peaks is usually accompanied by a sexy red number, which only adds to the effect making Donna a tough one to beat.  But then there is Rachel’s junk which is usually neatly wrapped up in a figure hugging skirt, props to the wardrobe lady you have made this one a challenge.  There is no easy answer to this unless you are clearly a boob or butt man in which case it may be cut and dry, I swing between the two so some days I’m a Donna man and some days a Rachel.  However in this case I am going to give it to Rachel (if only), she sneaks past Donna at the winning post with her secret weapon, the utilization of her ‘just one more button’ shirts.


Could you handle Donna?

Well no.  The whole point of Donna is that she would eat you alive so the idea that you could tame her (or would want to) is preposterous.  Rachel also seems like a bit of a handful but isn’t in Donna’s league.  Both women are beautiful so Donna’s lioness nature is a big plus for her, it also adds to the slightly older woman thing she has going on.  Seriously Mike has given Donna a few dressing downs (yup!) over the seasons but he would crumble if she went after him.  So yeah most of us couldn’t handle Donna, but I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy who could.    


Are we missing any other characters?

Maybe I am missing the bigger picture by focusing on Rachel and Donna; there are many more characters in the series that give them a run for their money.  Take Gina Torres for example (see above), her character Jessica Pearson is both powerful and beautiful.  In addition to Jessica there is a bunch of hot ladies in the show, if you look at the cast list pretty much every female is up there with Donna and Rachel, nevertheless I still can't bring myself to look past either of them.

Red hair must count for something

Bah the old red hair.  I am not a fan on ginger hair but reds a different story, take Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks for instance and tell me she would be the same with blonde or brown locks.  So whereas Rachel is very hot Donna has that little bit something different which makes her that little bit more interesting.  I would to concede that Rachel is the conventionally hotter girl (you can see why she was a model) but convention isn’t always best.

Does it matter what series

In season 1 Rachel is almost the girl next door but come season 3 Rachel’s got game.  It’s almost as if Donna has been rubbing off on her (again too easy) with the result of a sassy Rachel/Donna hybrid (hells yeah!).  In the first series I was definitely a Donna man but as the seasons have went on and Rachel has risen to the challenge and dare I say it has taken pole position.  Season 4 could be make or break, both are pretty evenly matched but with Rachel growing with season Donna needs to step up and put the young pretender in her place.


Do I just want to be Harvey Spector?

All this talk about Donna and Rachel has led me to the conclusion that what I really want is to be Harvey Spector.  Think about it he can have Donna whenever he likes, could probably steal Rachel, always gets his own way and the dude can’t half pull off a suit.