Well, what a season finale this was. There was so much going on at one time it was hard to keep things straight. The only critisim I can really put on this show is that some times there's so much character related drama going on that I almost forget about the cases going on and it can seem kinda like a soap opera. That being said, there were some strange developments in this one. 

 The first thing they did which I really hate is that we started off the episode with a scene that takes place after the next three quarters of the show. And most of the rest is flashing back. I just really hate that. Shows and movies overuse that too much in my opinion. Anyway, a lot of the episode is spent showing the parallels between Pearson and their potential merging firm from across the pond. The thing is that somehow there are three clients of Pearson which are trying to sue the British firm and I wasn't clear on the details, but it appears that Harvey is behind this in some way. From here, it just gets kinda strange. Harvey of course decides he's going to be the one to represent these clients against the British firm and the head of that firm seems poised to take up their side of it against Harvey. And the two make a bet with really ridiculously huge consequences when you think about it. If Harvey wins, the merger between the two firms doesn't go through and if he loses, there's some unspoken thing where I guess we're supposed to infer that Harvey has to come along quietly and just not quit his job when the merger does happen. 

 This gets stupider when Jessica gets involved, because she ends up helping the other side of this. Now, I'm not lawyer, but can she even do that? The merger hasn't even happened yet and she's helping the other firm with a case against her own firm?? A lot was made during this season about the whole noncompete clause that people had to sign when they joined what was at the time Pearson and Hardman and then Jessica does this???? Did it not apply to her somehow or am I just missing something? I don't know. Either way, it seems pretty crappy. To jump forward real quick mainly because I want to finish with this particular part of the episode so I can move onto other things, Scottie helps Mike get some damning material which I guess isn't even supposed to be submissable in court yet can somehow at least stall long enough, Harvey hopes, to buy enough time to get something together which can win them the case. However, Mike has to get it copied and submitted or something along those lines. Here's where the flashback ends and we see Mike in an office with Jessica who has pretty much bullied him into telling her exactly what he's got for the case even though she's now on the opposing side and she uses her position as his boss as reason. Pretty messed up if you ask me. And when she realizes what it could do, Jessica blackmails Mike into going home, not using the files, not answering his phone or door, and waiting untill the deadline for the case is up so that he can't win. 

 If Mike would have gone in with the evidence or whatever it was, Jessica swore she would expose him as a fraud and that he would be in prison. It was pretty shady. When Harvey found out Mike had cost him the case, he went balistic and wouldn't even listen to Mike's side of the story. In fact, he fired him. Luckily or not for Mike, Jessica was within earshot of the firing and overuled Harvey on the spot, saying Mike was in fact not fired. It seemed clear though (certainly to Mike at least) that Harvey would not trust Mike again. At the very least, we may see Mike back in the associates' pool next season as that's where Harvey had said he was going to send him before he changed his mind and decided to fire him before Jessica stepped in. Either way, there's not a lot of love being felt in the office these days. 

 Moving right along, during all this we found out that Scottie was apparently only doing what she was doing, because she had fallen in love with Harvey and he like many guys I suppose was oblivious to all this. She actually ended up losing her job due to what she did to help Harvey and Mike with the case against her own firm. I'll tell you there were just so many betrayals in this episode by different people on different sides that it's hard to keep track of it all. Anyway, once Harvey found out she had lost her job, he talked to Scottie's boss and got it back for her or so it seems at least. This, by the way, was in the midst of Harvey very uncharacteristically submitting to the head of the British firm's control and to the merger which he had failed to prevent. Oh how the mighty have fallen or so it would seem. One of my least favorite parts of the last few episodes of season two was how it had become increasingly harder to see the differences between Jessica and Daniel Hardman. I really think that with the end of season two the way it was, we could see her turn into the new big bad of the show in season three. Either that or maybe we'll see some more inner turmoil in the form of their new other half from Britain taking a little too much control of the American branch? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. My biggest thing is that I hope the damage done to Harvey and Mike's relationship can be repaired in the next season. I'm not sure anyone would have done differently from Mike if in his shoes. I mean, say he went ahead and presented that evidence despite Jessica's threat. It didn't seem like she was bluffing to me. And again, I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that if she exposed him as not being a real lawyer, all Mike's cases would come into question and he might lose that case just on that fact alone. So, either way Harvey and Mike were screwed on this one. 

 The final bit of the episode that I'll touch on came late into the show. Rachel had been dealing with all kinds of stuff lately and all kinds of lies. When she thought that Mike had lied to and betrayed her, she went off. Turns out he didn't, but she had no way of knowing that, because she never knew about his big secret. In what I'd describe as a desperate moment of weakness, Mike finally told Rachel that he wasn't a real lawyer. She responded in disgust and slapped him a few times and tried to slap him again till he stopped her. Somehow this all resulted in the two finally doing the nasty in a file room.... Even now, I'm scratching my head on this one. I just don't see how we got from point A to point C on this one. This whole episode was just full of stuff that really didn't make sense to me though. I like this show and I plan on watching next season too, but some times I think these writers just try and make everyone's lives as crappy as possible between breaks in the show to keep people interested and I really don't think they need to go quite this far. And for this episode to have made sense, I think it would have needed to be about an hour longer. Maybe then they could have done some more fleshing out of things and make more sense out of it all. I don't know.