An Ancient Alien Conspiracy Theory

There is a sect of historians and writers that believe, in prehistoric times, extraterrestrial beings contacted humanity. These beings are called Ancient Aliens. Some people believe that the deities of days of old were actually Ancient Aliens and their interaction with man was instrumental in the progress of culture, religion and technology.

The Sumerians

SCylinder Seal Impression from MesopotamiaCredit: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domainumer is the oldest known human civilization on Earth. The Sumerian civilization is shrouded in mystery, not much is known about them and little remains of the their former, thriving society.

The Sumerian culture had been incredibly advanced with regards to Mathematics, Astronomy and Agriculture. It baffles scientists how quickly the Sumerian civilization sprung forth and how advanced they had become in such a short period of time.

Clues into the Past

Scientists have uncovered cuneiform tablets from that period, but have been unable to completely decipher them. The cuneiform tablets are important artifacts for learning about the day-to-day life of the Sumerians and giving us insight into their history and beliefs.

It wasn't until Zecharia Sitchin, in the late 20th century, published his book called The 12th Planet that worldwide attention was brought to the Sumerians and their beliefs and forced the scientific community to take a closer look at these tablets.

Zecharia Sitchin's Famous Book, "The Twelfth Planet"

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Ancient Sumerian TabletCredit: Extra-Terrestrial Community

According to Sitchin and his interpretation of the ancient Sumerian texts, the Anunnaki (the deities of ancient Mesopotamia) hailed from a planet called "Nibiru." Nibiru is believed to be the 12th planet in our solar system if you include the Sun, Moon and Pluto and orbits the Sun every 3,600 years.

Some 400,000 years ago, a group of Anunnaki came to Earth to mine for minerals. Needing workers for the hard labor, they took the ancient version of Homo sapiens and genetically altered them to what Homo sapiens are today. The Anunnaki eventually taught them advanced farming techniques, Astronomy and many other sophisticated sciences.

Sumerian Figurines that Resemble Ancient AliensCredit: XFacts Research

Global catastrophes at the end of the last ice age destroyed everything the Anunnaki and humans had built. At was at this point that the Anunnaki taught humans self-governance and fled the planet. It is believed that the Sumerians civilization and, by extention, all future human civilizations were brought about due to the techniques taught by the Anunnaki.

The Counterargument

Archaeologists and Sumerian experts deny almost all the claims made by Sitchin. They have found no evidence that coordinates with the interpretation that Sitchin has provided. Their independent translations of Sumerian texts make no mention of the Anunnaki as alien beings from another planet and assert that Sitchin invented this mythology.

As archaeologists continue to dig for more clues and artifacts from that period, we may, one day soon, truly unlock the secret of the Sumerian aliens.

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