There were 5 segments to Season 5 Episode 17 of Shark Tank, which aired on 2/21/14. This show featured Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec as the Sharks. There were four new businesses presented, and an update on one previous business featured on the show.

1.) Moberi- They were seeking 50k for 15% equity. The business was a bicycle smoothie cart that sold pedal powered smoothies for around $6. Sales were $70k for the year so far with one location. It was a very creative idea, but more of a sole proprietorship and not a big business, so no deal unfortunately.

2.) Sky Escape and Evasion – Seeking 100k for 15% equity. The business was owned by a former CIA agent and officer who was selling a service about self defense and CIA “Secrets”. He said everything he was doing was allowed by the CIA so no conflict of interests were to arise. He sold a 2 day course on how to escape being kidnapped, how to pick locks, and other similar tasks. He had 306k in sales for one year, but wanted to build a ranch in Utah that the Sharks thought was a bad idea. He would be better off continuing to travel around the country and doing it as a seminar. Robert offered him 100k for 50% to go around and do the seminars and not the land in Utah. Daymond offered him $150k for 45% and he immediately took it.

3.)This was an update on a previous business. The business was called Game Face . Lori and Mark Cuban, who featured it at the Dallas Mavericks, bought into the product. They are now producing this face paint like product for fans to purchase in nearly every sports teams arena and location. They are looking at NBA, NCAA, NHL as areas to expand to other teams.

4.) DDP Yoga- This was a workout system being pitched by former professional wrestler Dallas Page. The workout was a yoga based workout meant to have minimal wear on your joints and little to no impact. They used a disabled veteran as an example of someone who lost 140 lbs. and went from not being able to walk or dress in the morning, to being able to lift his legs above his head and do a full split. They were searching for 200k for 5%, but were unable to get a deal. The Sharks thought fitness was too competitive and too risky, and that infomercials were too expensive. If Lori had been in this episode perhaps the results would have been different.

5.) South Culture Artisan Foods- Seeking 100k for 25% equity. They were a line of all natural breakfast foods including pancake and waffle mixes. It came in a variety of flavors. She said there was no one else even in the gourmet stores making an all organic and all natural product of the same concept. It was a niche product that isn’t going to go mainstream, as it is $7 for a small jar. She said she was already in Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods (regionally) and working on Target and other stores as well. Kevin offered her the money in exchange for $1/unit until he recoups his money, then .50 a unit afterwards. This would be more than what it was costing her to actually produce the product. Barbara offered 100k for 40% equity, in which she countered 30%. Barbara stuck to 40%, but later agreed to 38% after being egged on by the sharks to give her a break.


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