Summer is a Time Kids Love and want Fun Summer Activites

What Kids Do in the Summertime

     It's summer and that means that kids are on vacation. They have six or so more hours of free time on their hands and what do most of them say? That they're bored. Even if they're not bored, they need to be out doing more than just vegetating in front of a television or computer screen. Even then they can still be bored, because sometimes they can have a hundred or more channels and still nothing is on. The computer after awhile can also become boring if used constantly. Vegetating in front of these screens can lead to childhood obesity, especially in the summer when they don't have gym class. Its the foods they eat and the lack of exercise which results in childhood obesity. What they need are fun activities that they'll enjoy, even if they don't think they will at first.

How to motivate a kid with fun summer activities

Kids need motivation to get up off their rumps and move around instead of just vegetating in front of a television or computer screen for their entire summer vacation. What they want to do, is something they'll have fun doing. If they're not having fun, they're not going to be motivated to leave that couch or recliner in the living room. Worst yet, if they have a television or computer in their bedroom, they're not even going to want to emerge from their room other than for meal times. Now if they're allowed to eat in the living room or their bedroom they might hibernate in there all summer long. It might be fine during a heat wave, but the rest of the summer they should be out and about, doing more. In this way, they can still stay fit during the summer when they don't have to worry about school gym classes.

     Summer is a time of vacation and it used to be a great time for kids to enjoy the outdoors, but with all the advances in technology, kids want to stay indoors. Parent's who only let their kids have an hour or two on the television and computer combined per day, the kids might never get up and get out to move about. This is one of the reasons its always a good idea to plan for summer vacation, even if one has to hire a child-minder, because they have to work. Some baby-sitters however wont care that the kids are sitting in front of a screen the whole time, instead of doing something more productive outdoors.

What kids need in the summer, are fun summertime activities that they can enjoy. Kids can be picky and cranky, but if they're doing something they think is fun, they'll continue to do the activity. Furthermore as long as the activities are safe, then summer is a good opportunity for kids to get into shape for the next school year. No diet ever needs to be mentioned, though one should try to keep the soda and other sugar dense beverages to a minimum. Best thing for them is to get them to drink water instead and the occasional gator aide or other sports drink to replenish their electrolytes. Summer is after all the time when most dehydration cases pop up.

What Fun Activities can Kids to do In Summer?

Swimming is a summer activity most, if not all kids will enjoy. Some might need a floatation device. If a child doesn't know how to swim, it might be a good time to sign them up for swimming classes.  

Swimming Pool(97065)Credit: wikimedia commons

     Swimming actually burns about twice as many or even more calories than walking does. This is because water displaces gravity and has more resistance than air. Plus in summer, kids want to be cool, not hot and a swimming pool is a great place to keep cool. Be it a private swimming pool, community swimming pool or beach. However each one should have a lifeguard. While a private swimming pool does not require a lifeguard, an adult should always be present and watching the kids. Accidents happen after all and accidents can sometimes be fatal. That doesn't mean fun summer activities should be vetoed.

     Summer sports are also another a fun summer activity that kids might enjoy. It doesn't just get them out of the house, it fosters team work and integrity, friendship and confidence. Still, even on a summer sports team, one should have their eye out for a bully, as they exist everywhere.

     The most popular summer sports would probably be baseball and softball, however there are other sports. Some kids might not like baseball or softball, but they might enjoy joining in a different summer sport. A swimming team, beach volleyball, tennis or soccer. If a child should have a different sport they enjoy, one might consider starting a small team or two just for fun like kickball or other overlooked sports.

Tennis(97064)Credit: wikimedia commons

     Just because a sport usually is played during other seasons of the year, doesn't mean they can't be played during the summer. In fact its a great way to get in practice time during the summer before the school year sports teams start.

      Camping is another great summer activity. It could be just a family camping trip or a summer camp that a kid might enjoy if it has anything to do with their interests. Whichever the case, one should note that not all kids are going to like summer camping. It doesn't matter if its a summer camp program or a family camping trip.

Camping(97067)Credit: wikimedia commons

      Camping isn't for everyone and should not be forced onto a child, at least not the summer camp. A summer family camping trip is another story, but kids might be fine with it as long as there's something they can look forward to after its over. Even if they can't make it to Disney World, there are plenty of theme parks like six flags and cedar point, or the annual carnival.

     Golfing and other classic summer games are yet more fun summer activities that kids can enjoy. The golf could just be a mini put-put game at a local park that has a put-put course. Some classic summer games include lawn bowling, tossing horseshoes, croquet and the even older games of tag and hide and go seek.

     Golf(97066)Credit: wikimedia commons

    A kid playing these games by themselves will eventually get extremely bored with them. However inviting a couple two or four of their friends over for a couple of hours every couple of days or so will keep the summer activities fun.