Summer Activities for KidsYour kids look forward to the beginning of summer break, but you know that it won't be long before you hear the words "I'm bored" and "I don't know what to do". Fortunately, you don't have to go far to keep your kids entertained this summer. There are many summer activities for kids that you can do in your local community or at home.

Check with the organizations in your community to find summer activities for kids. Museums, nature centers, community centers, universities and even churches often offer workshops or day camps.

Get your kids involved in the reading program at your local library. In addition to encouraging reading, your library may also offer summer activities and classes to go along with their theme. The best part is that most of these activities will be free.

The park is always a favorite summer activity for kids. If you have older children, choose a park with tennis courts or fields for them to play tennis, frisbee, soccer or other sports in. Invite other families to go with you so your kids can spend time with their friends and you can relax with other adults.

You don't have to leave home to find summer activities for kids. Spend a day doing crafts with your kids. Look online for age appropriate activities that your kids might enjoy. Once you have narrowed down the choices, let your kids make the final decision. Once they have finished, let your kids display their creations and have an art show.

Go hiking or camping with your kids. Let them help plan the meals, set up the tent and, if they are old enough, cook the meals. Don't forget to bring marshmallow to roast over the campfire! If there isn't a campground nearby, or you don't want to leave home, try camping out in your back yard.

Throw a party for your kids and their friends to kick-off summer. Choose a summer theme, like a beach or luau party, and decorate with themed accessories. You can hold this summer activity in your backyard or at a local pool. If you hold the party in your backyard, set up sprinklers, a slip-and-slide or a wading pool.

Gardening is one summer activity that kids of all ages will enjoy. Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and bell peppers are easy to grow and your kids will love watching the tiny seeds turn into plants. They may also be more willing to eat the vegetables if they have had a hand in growing them. You can plant your garden in a traditional planting bed or plant vegetables in several containers on your patio.

Organize a day camp with your friends and neighbors. This kid's summer activity idea takes some organization and planning, but it is well worth it. Have a meeting with the families who want to participate. Decide how long, how many days and which days you want to hold the day camp. The families each take turns hosting one day of the camp. The family that hosts is in charge of planning the activities and providing the supplies for that day.

With some planning and ingenuity, you can easily find enough summer activities for kids to keep your entire family entertained and happy all summer long.