Save money with some basic summer air condtioning tips

With summer temperatures finally reaching the 100 degree mark, it's time to start thinking a little more about your air conditioner. Air conditioners often decide to break right during the hottest part of the season. This is caused by both the increased use and excessive heat strain on the internal parts. By following a few basic summer air conditioning tips you can save money and decrease the wear on your unit.

Step 1

Keep your air conditioner clean. This is the most important step. You can clean your air conditioner with commercially available cleaners from your home center or by hiring a qualified contractor. The ideal air conditioner cleaner should heavily foam to push the dirty out. Keeping both the indoor evaporator coil and the outside condenser coil is essential to the unit working efficiently. Dirty coils can lead to the unit overheating or freezing up and shutting down.

Step 2

Change your air filter regularly. Dirty indoor air filters not only cause your equipment to stop working properly, but can also lead to allergy problems. Filters that become plugged up can restrict airflow leading to all sorts of problems. The coil can become so cold that it will cover itself in ice. Restricted airflow will also cause the motors to work harder, shortening their useful lives and raising utility costs.

Step 3

Purchase a quality, programmable thermostat. Thermostats can save you money in a variety of ways. Higher end thermostats are more accurate and can cause your equipment to run less, saving energy. Newer thermostats also have delay timers built into them to protect the air conditioner during a brownout or power failure. The programmable feature can save you money by not running the unit as much when you are not home. Simply set the thermostat so that the temperature raises when you leave for work and lowers itself back down shortly before you get home. Not only will you save money, but the air conditioner will likely last longer because of the decreased run time.

Step 5

Take the time to seal air leaks. Ever felt a cold draft in the middle of winter? This is usually caused by broken caulk around windows and worn weather-stripping around doors. Both of these items are inexpensive at your local home center and easy to replace. Scrape or pull away old caulking and spread new caulk around your windows, creating an air/water tight seal. Replace weather-stripping and thresholds around doors.

Following these 5 simple summer air conditioning tips can save you money and make you more comfortable. Don't be miserable in the middle of the heat. Take precautions now!