When it is time to head out into the sun this summer, the last thing that you want to do is to be wearing a lot of makeup. These summer beauty basics are going to give you the best cosmetic products that you are going to need to make sure that you look you r best in the hot sun.


Many of these products are easy to take on the go and can be applied in just minutes. These things are the best about summer makeup. It is easy to use and store. This is the time of year for no muss and no fuss. So make sure to pick up these cosmetic items now so that you will b already to go this year!


Number One Beauty Basic


The first thing that you are going to need to look your best is a nice powder bronzer. This cosmetic must have comes in many different shades that will compliment any skin tone. This means that any one can use this to get that sun kissed look with spending time and outside.


Powder bronzer applied with a large brush is going to be the most versatile. When applied to the face it can give you a bit of a glow. You can also apply this makeup product to other parts of your body to give it a glow and even to help you to look thinner.

Number Two Beauty Basic for Summer


Another item that you are going to want to make sure that you have for this season is a coral lip gloss. The color coral tends to bring to mind lazy days at the beach. It is no wonder then that this is a must have color any time that the temperature gets warmer.


You can go with a lipstick for this summer beauty basic, but lip gloss will be much more in style. The lighter weight and the glossy finish of a lip gloss will give you the perfect look for any summer time event.


Number Three Summer Makeup Trend


Usually you should keep waterproof mascara for using at weddings and other events when you will be crying. However, this has quickly become one of the must have makeup products for your bag this year. Between getting splashed pool side or sweating in the heat, you do not want your mascara to run. This is why investing in a quality waterproof mascara is important.


Summer makeup trends are all about going lighter and sheerer in your cosmetic products. You want to focus doing this while embracing the shades that make us all think of those warmer months each year. That is what beauty basics do.


You do not need to completely buy a new set of cosmetics for the coming season. By investing in these three beauty basics, you will be ready for cookouts, days by the pool, or whatever else your summer plans have in store for you. So pick up these makeup must haves online today and be ready for summer now!