One of the best jobs for teens to have is being a camp counselor. Parents should help their teen explore this avenue of employment.

Many summer day camps hire teens who have been a camper at their facility for years. They have been exposed to counselors, and they are familiar with the camp grounds, the camp's rules and regulations, and the camp's procedures. Teens know exactly what they liked about previous counselors and what they did not. Teens who are aware of this can focus on the positive traits of counselors in their past camping history and try not to duplicate what they did not like.

In fact, if some of the children in your bunk like you enough, they will ask their parents if you can babysit them. This is a huge source of potential income for teenagers once camp is over.

For teens ages fourteen and older because they can get their foot into the door of the working world while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors when they wrok at camp. It really isn't any fun to work behind a cash register, file papers or answer phones in an office, or to do any other type of indoor job when the sun is beckoning you outside to play. A good camp counselor engages in all activities with the children in their bunk. You are free to play ball, go swimming, do lanyard, make pottery, or do any other fun activity along with your charges.

The dress code for this job is cheap-shorts and the camp tee shirt. There is no investment in a summer job work wardrobe that you probably will not wear to school.

Another reason why being a camp counselor is a great job for teens is that there are no night and weekend hours. The days are long, but your evenings and weekends are yours to do as you please. If you get a retail job, that is certainly not going to be the case. In addition, your hours are the same each week, unlike retail, where your work schedule varies week to week. It is difficult to make plans in advance if you do not know when you are working.

There is a benefit for parents of teens whose children work at a summer camp. While fourteen and fifteen year olds are old enough to babysit and be on their own for a few hours, if parents are working outside the home, it is worrisome to have them alone for eight or more hours a day for an entire summer. As a summer camp counselor, you know that your child is in a safe environment, making money, and being kept busy in a productive way. Many day camps provide bus transportation, so parents do not need to worry about driving their teen back and forth to work.

Being a summer camp counselor is a great job for teens because when the summer is over, there are still a few weeks left to relax and spend your paycheck and tip money on anything you want. So you get the best of both worlds-work and play.