If you look around you can find some summer camp crafts ideas to keep the kid's occupied while on the beach or in the bush or even take them fishing this year. Summer is a wonderful time of year and is not far away for some of you although we are heading towards our winter.Worst luck.





It doesn't matter where you are you will still find lovely days of sunshine where you can take the kids away for a weekend camp.The hardest part is to find those little crafts to keep them amused.Well I hope after reading this you will have a few new ideas to release you from those worries.





Of course it will depend on the ages of your children as to which summer crafts they can do altogether.Some will also be messier than others.So don't forget to pack some old clothes just in case they make a mess.





These first ideas are to give the kids exercise





Spot the birds and insects





If you are in a national park you could of course start with a walk and see who can spot the most birds and different types of insects.





Finding Objects





Kids usually love this idea. You have to make a list of things for them to find. The list will depend on where you are camping.



If at the beach you may look for, see who can find the most different types of shells, seaweed, piece of cuttlefish, stick, bottle.



Use this time to warn the children of blue ring octopus in the rocky pools. Also tell them not to pick up jelly fish or those types of things on the beach. They may still hurt them. It would be a good idea to give out plastic bags to put their collections in.





If in thebush area, try finding piece of paper, bottle top, can ring top, different colored leaves, and whatever else you can see in that area. They also need to watch out where they walk and beware of snakes in the summer time.Have a little prize for the winner.





Flower and leaf pressing





Go for a nature walk and encourage the kids to look for leaves, flowers, ferns, wattles and have them press and glue them into a small book.Then they can write the correct names of the things they found underneath the items.



Decorate photo frames



Ask the kids to search about for nuts, small stones, shells, and whatever else you can find and decorate a photo frame by sticking the items onto the frame with glue.You will be surprised what they will come up with.




Pet Rocks



Smaller kids especially love making these.All you need is to find a few smallish rocks, you can supply the acrylic craft paint, white craft glue.You could also sneak a few bits and pieces into your bag for them like- wiggle eyes, glitter beads and pom poms. Let them decorate them how they want.Although you should wash the rocks with warm soapy water and leave to dry before they start painting them.



Bubble pipes



It has always fascinated me as to how many children of all ages love to play with bubble pipes. You do not actually have to buy anything either.All you need is some soapy water and anything at all with a ring shape.You can even use the rings that come off the jars and bottles.The only thing is you will not have a handle.Use a piece of wire and twist it into a circle and use the ends as a handle.I bet you could find a few things to use from your kitchen drawers if you think about it.Try to find some small and larger rings and see who can blow the biggest and let the kids chase them too.



Play dough



All kids love to play with this especially the younger ones.You can find an easy recipe on the internet to make this for little or no cost.And they will be able to make all different things with it.



The Frisbie

Do not forget to pack the old frisbie. These can be a fantastic way to get the kids playing outside in the fresh air. It can also include the whole family and even the dog can join in the fun. So why not give it a go.


Coloring in Competitions



Find a nice picture suitable for the ages of the children.Photo copy it and print it out.Make sure you have one for each child.That will keep them quiet for a few more minutes.



Take some board games, cards; leave the computer and the electronic games behind.Take a few balls, the cricket bat, these are a great way to get the whole family doing something together.I am sure you will be able to find something this summer camp with these craft ideas to keep the kids occupied.