Summer is a great time to get out and go on a date with your partner. The beautiful weather gives you a chance to break away from the boring (and expensive) dinner and a movie routine. Here are some fun and romantic date night ideas that are inexpensive, or even free!

Break Out Your Inner Child

Remember all those summer activities you did as a child? They're still fun, and they can make a great date for you and your partner. Head to the dollar store and pick up some kites, a frisbee,  chalk, or a softball and go play! Everyone has an inner child and summertime is the perfect opportunity to let it out! 

kitesCredit: Aarondoucett

Another great way to let out your inner child is to head to the park. Before video games and cell phone apps, kids went to the park to play. Take your significant other and head over to the park. Swings, slides, see-saws, and monkey bars are all great ways to bring out your inner child. Chances are you will both end up laughing and smiling. 


Head to the Drive-In

Drive-in movie theaters offer a great break from the usual routine. Enjoy the gorgeous weather of summer nights while watching a movie on the big screen. Drive-in's are generally cheaper than a movie theater, and if you really want to save, bring your own snacks! 

Drive-in theaters offer the romance of a movie date while also being different enough to be a break from the routine. 

Go Camping

If you're a couple who enjoys the outdoors, camping is a great way to not only experience nature, but also to spend some time together as a couple away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Check out campgrounds in your area or head over to the nearest state park. Providing you already have the camping supplies, this is a very inexpensive trip as you will only have to pay for a place to camp. There are some places you can camp for free, but if not it is generally only between 5-15 dollars for a night. 

If you and your significant other aren't really into roughing it in the great outdoors, pitch a tent in the backyard. Fire up the grill to make your hotdogs and s'mores and just enjoy the time together in the wonderful summer air. 

whether you head out to the woods or stay in your backyard, you should both turn off your cellphones and pagers, and leave the laptops and tablets at home. Technology is great, however, sometimes we only give half of our attention to each other and the other half stays glued to the hand-held technology. If you are both without distraction, you will enjoy each other and your time together far more. 

tentCredit: Josh Larios from Seattle, US

Go to the Carnival

Summertime is full of fairs and carnivals that make a great date night destination for couples. Take your significant other to the fair, check out all the sights and free shows, eat the cotton candy and corn dogs, and even spring for a ride on the ferris wheel! Often times fairs and carnivals are packed full of free shows and entertainment, and entrance fees are relatively cheap. If you want to save money skip the food and eat before you go! Summer carnivals bring out the teenager in all of us and can reignite that "puppy love" feeling for you and your loved one!


Take advantage of the beautiful weather and great activities summertime offers. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find fun summer activities to do with your partner. Take the time to get out and experience something new, or relive something old, together.