Located in the stunning countryside of Wiltshire, Longleat Safari Park offers an incredible summer day out for all the family. In fact, Longleat had the first drive-through Safari Park outside of Africa when it opened in the year England lifted the World Cup way back in 1966.

There's more than just the Safari Park however, with the most popular attractions including Longleat House, the Adventure Castle, Hedge Maze, Pets corner, Butterfly garden, a Railway and Postman Pat Village!

More to See

There are plenty of things to do in Longleat apart from the incredible Safari Park.Below is a little bit more information on each of the attractions and things you can do.

Longleat House

The Longleat House is one of the best examples of high Elizabethan architecture in the UK. It's open to the public and is surrounded by amazing woodland, lakes and farmland. A must visit for young and old looking to have a relaxing stroll around a magnificent building and its grounds.

Pets Corner

One of the favourite attractions for both adults and children! Pets Corner offers the perfect opportunity to get close to all types of animals; from the cute to the scary you'll learn everything there is to know about the amazing lives of the animals at Pets Corner.

Postman Pat Village

One of the most popular attractions for the younger visitors, the village helps bring the imagination of kids from all over the world to life. Children will learn more about the show, and even about the new town of Pencaster!

The Safari Park

The Longleat Safari Park was opened in 1966 and is primarily focussed on one of the most popular animals living; lions. Longleat House (where it is situated) was the home of the 7th Marquess of Bath, and has become a popular tourist attraction itself. Animals roam freely inside the park, and visitors passing through in their cars are blessed with splendid views of a variety of animals in all their glory.

With over 500 animals in the safari park, Longleat covers 9,000 acres of Wiltshire countryside and has many attractions to keep the family entertained. Popular attractions include a safari boat trip, taking you on a short cruise around the park's lake, as well as the animal adventure, containing exotic and familiar birds, mammals, reptiles and insects on display to the thousands of visitors who pass through the park each year.